The School’s Motto is “Grit and Grace”. What does it mean?

The Schools Motto is Grit and Grace. What does it mean?

Grit n Grace was the Temecula Middle School’s motto for the  2022 – 2023 school year. You probably forgot the school motto of “ Grit and Grace”. We think it’s important to reflect, look back, and think. What are  Grit and Grace and how can you use them to get things in life?



Grit means to keep going even when things are tough and to work hard to achieve your goals. It requires passion, resilience, and determination. Grit is essential for success in many areas of life such as sports, academics, and even business. Those who have grit can overcome challenges and come out stronger. Determination helps folks learn from their mistakes, and to become a better version of themselves.



Grace can be associated with an individual’s kindness, compassion, and mercy towards others, reflecting a sense of harmony and goodwill.  For example, if someone gets you in trouble for something wrong you did, and you can forgive that person for doing the right thing, that is having grace. You also need to give yourself grace. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and then push through. All in all, grace is a complex concept that embodies a broad spectrum of positive attributes, including generosity, benevolence, and an overall sense of goodness.

So why is this important and how can this affect your future? If you give up, you can never reach any goals you have set in life. When you have grit you don’t let little setbacks stop you. You will always have someone or something better than you, and even though life can be challenging, you still treat all of your friends and family with respect and kindness. Especially in these years of middle school, you can sometimes feel alone, but you have friends and family that care about you. The school’s motto represents how to be the best version of yourself, and to help others achieve it. 


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