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    Essentials for summer 2024!

    Essentials for summer 2024!

     Summer is so close and it’s the perfect time to start preparing. There are lots of summer essentials which include clothes, endless accessories, and items that can keep you cool for the summer. 



    Jean Shorts

    ey are perfect for keeping cool in the summer without risking the cost of style. Jeans shorts go with nearly every outfit for every situation such as going to the beach, hanging out with friends, or walking to the pool. You can find jean shorts at American Eagle, Levi’s, Tillys, and more! 

    Tank Tops

    It gets hot during the summer, especially here in California. Not only are tank tops cute, but they are a great option for the heat here in Temecula. They go with anything and are a reliable option for the summer. You can buy tank tops at almost all clothing stores, some like Target, Tilly’s, Brandy Melville, Hollister, and much more!

    Linen Shorts/Pants

    Linen shorts and pants are currently trending and are perfect for your summer wardrobe. They are easy to dress up or down and can work as another good beach cover-up. They are also light and airy, perfect for the summer heat. You can buy linen pants and shorts at Brandy Melville, H&M, and more. 

    Bathing Suits

    Everyone loves swimming and going to the beach during the summer to keep cool. Bathing suits are one of the most major summer essentials everybody needs. There are so many different places, styles, colors, etc. Some great places to find cute swimsuits are Target, Tillys, Aerie, Shein, and more. 


    Short Overalls

    Short overalls are a statement in your summer closet. They are easy to style and can go with nearly any summer outfit. They can also act as another good cover-up for the beach. Some great places to find short overalls are Hollister and Pacsun but there are so many more options.


    Oversized T-Shirts

    Oversized T-shirts are a necessity for summer. They can act as a cover-up and are also comfortable. There are so many options and you can never have enough T-shirts. You can get these at places like Tilly’s, Brandy Melville, Pacsun, Hollister and more!


    Other Items

    Water Bottle

    Staying hydrated, especially during the summer, is SO important. It is important to have a water bottle to take on trips to the beach, hanging out with friends, walks, swimming, EVERYWHERE! Water bottles like Hydro Flasks, Owalas, etc keep your water cold all day which is great for long days out and about.

    Pura Vida Bracelets

    Pura Vida is a great jewelry brand that sells a variety of beachy necklaces and bracelets. They are especially known for their bracelets. Not only do they come in multiple color combos, but they also are waterproof. You can buy these on the Pura Vida website, or at Tillys. 


    Beachy Jewelry

    Jewelry is great to add a little something to your outfits. Beachy jewelry is exactly what you need for accessorization for summer. It can be as simple as some rings or even a cute necklace with a seashell. Either way, it’s great to have a variety of jewelry. Some great places to buy jewelry are Evry Jewels, Get Back, Amazon, and more! You can also buy some when you’re at the beach in the local stores.


    Sunscreen is a necessity for summer. Everyone needs sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun. It is important to reapply sunscreen multiple times while doing fun activities like swimming, going to the beach, playing outside, and more.

    A Good Summer Playlist

    Everyone needs a good summer playlist to get them in the mood for all the fun summer activities. There are so many different songs and artists to choose from. It’s so fun to create and organize your summer playlist. Artists like Bob Marley and Sun Room are perfect for your summer playlist and songs like ‘Espresso’ by Sabrina Carpenter, ‘Sundress’ by A$AP Rocky, and ‘Walking On A Dream’ by Empire Of The Sun are all recommendations for your playlist.


    Summer is just around the corner and everybody’s excited. Do you have any essentials you would add to this list? Are you ready for summer? Leave a comment!

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