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If You Were To Change ONE Rule at TMS, What Would It Be?

Most students might disagree with one or two rules that we have set for school. Is there a reason behind that, or is it just a simple disagreement? 


If You Were to Change ONE Rule What Would It Be?


Dylan Hanrahan, 6th Grader


Jake Hirschy, 7th Grader


What is your name?

“Dylan Hanrahan”



If you were to change one rule, what would it be?

“No iReady ” (Dylan Hanrahan 6th Grade)

“That you can’t be on your phone” (Jake Hirschy 7th Grade)

“Be on our phones” (Lyla Holmes 8th Grade)


“Cuz it’s quite boring without them” (Jake Hirschy 7th Grade)

“Because it’s boring” (Lyla Holmes 8th Grade)

“Because it is so boring” (Dylan Hanrahan 6th Grade)


The Pros and Cons of These Rules


iReady and not being allowed on phones during the school day are two controversial rules that many students on campus might disagree with. 

The Pro’s of iReady

iReady can provide practice and might help students make huge steps in math and reading. It can help students learn new skills but can also engage students with their personalized lessons. The iReady diagnostic helps teachers know where their students are individually.


The Cons of iReady

Students lose hours of their day just doing iReady. After doing the diagnostic, students may be placed at a higher level. But as time goes on, they continue to go higher and higher in level and might get to things that they haven’t learned or won’t learn for a while. This leads students to struggle in their necessary iReady lessons for the week.

The Pros of No Phones on Campus

Without phones on campus, students don’t have distractions that might take away from assignments that affect their grades. This helps students focus on their education instead of worrying about posting or looking on social media. Without phones, it decreases the possibility of students cheating.  Plus, it’s good to socialize with people, in real life and not on a phone.

The Cons of No Phones on Campus


Not allowing phones on campus has more cons than you think. To start, it supplies students with an extra layer of security. With the number of school shootings increasing, phones allow students to contact emergency services and their parents. Cell phones also provide more access to research websites, noting that our school district blocks many websites on our Chromebooks. 


Although these rules are a controversial topic, there are also reasons they are in place. If you could change one rule, what would it be? Leave a comment!



Should Phones Be Allowed in School Pros and Cons

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