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Let’s Rewind Back to 2010

2010 was around 14 years ago. For many students at T.M.S., it was your 1st birthday or the moment you just turned half a year old. Maybe it was the year you were born or waiting in your mother’s womb. Either way, this was a time in history that had very different trends and inspirations. So let’s dive right into the life that we were born into!


2010 Slang:

Every generation has some funny words with a special meaning which usually goes by slang! Some examples of current slang are words like “rizz”, “bruh”, and “cap”. Many generations have different slang that resemble different things and usually only become popular for a specific amount of time and then slowly die out.  If you’re wondering what the slang was like 14 years ago then you’re in the right place. Let’s dig into the slang of 2010!

  • Bae (An affectionate term to refer to one’s girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse.)
  • Catfish (To deceive or fool using a false identity online.)
  • Yeet(Approval, excitement, or energy.)
  • Stan(Overly excited fan of someone especially celebrities.)
  • Thirst(To have a strong desire.)
  • Slaps( to be excellent or amazing.)
  • On fleek(to look good or great.)
  • Lit(Cool or rad.)
  • Slay(To do something good, look well, have self-confidence, or good performance.)
  • Fire(Cool, excellent, or exciting.)


Top 10 Songs:

Every year new or old artists come out with a big hit song. Although hundreds of songs came out in 2010, some were more well-known than others. Here are a few of the ten most popular songs from 2010 that your parents might know.

  • “Need you now”- Lady Antebellum
  • “Hey, soul sister”-Train
  • “California Gurls”-Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg
  • “Nothin’ on you”-B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars
  • “OMG”-Usher
  • “Dynamite”-Taio Cruz
  • “Tik Tok”-Ke$ha
  • “Bad Romance”-Lady Gaga
  • “Break your heart”-TaioCruz feat. Ludacris
  • “Airplane”-B.o.B.feat. Hayley Williams



2010 was 14 years ago, and although not every trend is remembered, their fashion definitely made an impact, whether it was dad sneakers or crop tops. Let’s dive right into the famous trends of 2010!



  • Bomber Jackets (A street style staple usually worn with leggings.)
  • Festival Fashion (Boho clothing with fringe and flower crowns.)
  • Dad Sneakers (Chunky shoes known for their 3-layer soles.)
  • Skinny Jeans (Skintight jeans.)
  • Mom Jeans  (Retro High rise jeans.)
  • Statement necklace (The bigger the necklace the better; mainly bib styles.)
  • Crop tops (The crop top was a way people showed off their bodies.)
  • Bike shorts (A side effect of the Athleisure trend that made its way onto the red carpet.)
  • Wedge Sneakers (The bottom of the sneaker was wedged instead of flat. )
  • Mini Bags (A very tiny bag mainly useful for Instagram posts.)


Popular Movies:


When you’re bored, sad, or just hanging out with friends,  you might have a favorite movie in mind or something you love to watch. Well, you’re not the only one. Movies are created all the time whether it’s a sequel, a true story, or based on a book, and depending on the movie or plot the more popular it becomes. So let’s dig into the most popular movies of 2010!

  • Toy Story 3                                     Interception 
  • Avatar                               Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
  • Alice in Wonderland                        Despicable Me
  • Iron Man 2                                    Shrek Forever After
  • The Twilight Saga                    How to train your dragon


Hopefully, after reading this article you learned some new and fun facts about 2010. These songs, movies, and styles are just some of the hundreds of popular things from 2010. Each generation has many things to share and sometimes it’s even a stepping stool for the next! So if you’ve heard, seen, watched, or participated in any of these popular trends, make sure to leave a comment! 




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