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The TMS Track/Running Club Team

The TMS Track/Running Club Team

Most of us know about our school’s Volleyball team or the upcoming Soccer team but have you heard of our new Running club? Yes, that’s right, a new sport for you to try out. If track and field is something you excel at or would like to excel at then this extracurricular might just be for you!  


If this is your first time hearing about Running Club or maybe you’re wondering what or when it is then this is the right spot for you!  Running club starts at 7:00 am and ends at 7:30 pm. You would meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays BEFORE SCHOOL. Running club is a school extracurricular where you run laps around the Field for an hour or so. Running Club is not an elective or pride class, it is optional and will be run by Mr. Garret and Mr. K. If you have any questions you can always talk to Mr.Garrett or Mr. K in Room 512.


Where can I sign up?

“During P.E” (Mr. Garrett)

Who Started it?

 “We’ve always had one but it

 had to stop during Covid” 


Do I need any experience?

“No just the 

want to run” 

Does it cost money? 

“No, but you do need to pay for 

driving to track meets with 

Vaill and Great Oak.”

Do you have to come every time?


Do I need to change out?

“If you want to do your best you should”


When is it held? 

Before School at 7:00 am 


In addition to other interesting factors, joining the TMS running club has many benefits. The first benefit of joining the TMS running club is that it provides you with good exercise which helps strengthen cardiovascular health and therefore increases your endurance. Secondly, it also helps you to practice good sportsmanship and mental health. For example, if you ever feel lesser than your opponent, you have to learn to stay optimistic and have a positive attitude towards other athletes despite them being your opponent. On top of that joining a running club helps allow you to practice time management by having to balance out self-care, homework, and running practices simultaneously. Lastly, running clubs will prepare you for high school track which can potentially lead to college recruitment and scholarships.


All in all, joining the TMS running club would bring many great benefits, experiences, and personal growth. In addition, it also promotes an encouraging school community and a healthy way of living. If this new activity checked all of your boxes or piqued your interest, consider joining the TMS running club because you might find that this is your next favorite thing to do!

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