Why Mental Health Matters

Why Mental Health Matters

Fernanda Capistran, Writer

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, when we support those suffering from behavioral health issues, and spread awareness. Your overall well-being is essential, including taking care of your mental health. Around our campus, we know that many sources guide us; teachers, counselors, the adults are here to help. However, many people are too afraid to seek assistance, so why does this matter? What even is mental health? What causes mental health issues?

What IS Mental Health?


Our mental health is how we feel, react, and think about situations. Taking care of it is vital in our daily lives, from childhood to adulthood, but what is so important about it? Mental sickness is a thing and can be a huge problem in a person’s life. Earlier in the year, we were given a presentation on how Cyberbullying affects our mental health. Sadly, cyberbullying is only one of the many causes of people’s mental health issues. Mental issues can be caused by certain events that our brains don’t take well. What are some signs of mental problems?

Signs of Mental Issues


According to Verywellmind.com, the leading cause is the environment or our surroundings. Depending if it is healthy or not, it can tell a lot about a person’s mental health. Some might act anxious, sad, or exhausted, whatever it may be, you can help. If a person is acting strange or unusual about themself, try to reach out. If it doesn’t work, it is sometimes best to give them space, as some problems can be resolved through time. If it seems serious and does not change after a short time check with a trusted adult.  Unusual events are natural and part of life, and many can get through them.  Unfortunately, not all cases are like that. 

Some people will do anything to make their problems go away, some “solutions” are more harmful than others, and some do go through with it. This is why we have awareness assemblies, to let others know this is going on, and that it is completely okay not to be okay, we’re only human. But still, people suffer from this, and some don’t even realize it. Sometimes, there isn’t even a reason we aren’t okay.

If you feel like you’re experiencing problems and you’d like someone to talk to, you can talk to an adult on campus such as your teacher, counselor, or at least someone you trust. If you know someone acting strange, you can always let someone know, whether they are aware of it. Don’t be afraid to seek help, there will always be someone to assist you. Remember, you are worth it, everyone is.