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Fast Food Secrets

Fast food places have always been a convenient option for quick and delicious meals. However, there are often secrets that most fast food places have. Fast food chains have much more going on than meets the eye, so here are some of many fast food secrets. 



In-N-Out is a very popular fast food place available in many areas. They have a not-so-secret menu with items not showcased on the actual menu. You can ask for an animal burger or animal fries, these are just versions of their regular burgers and fries with extra toppings. You can get burgers with up to five patties. There’s also an item called the Flying Dutchman. This is two burger patties sandwiched around two cheese slices. In-N-Out usually lets you customize your order however you want. 



Starbucks doesn’t have an actual secret menu, but there are drinks that are fully customizable that are “secret”. Some popular ones are the Blackpink Frappucino and the Juniper Lemonade. The Blackpink Frappucino consists of strawberry and dark chocolate sauce with oat milk and some other ingredients. The Juniper Lemonade is a lemonade with a hint of juniper and sage, with other citrus stuff. Since this menu goes on and on, here’s a link with all of them, Starbucks Secret Menu.



Mcdonalds also has a lot of secrets. You can customize your burgers to have mostly anything they have. There are these land, sea, and air burgers with different types of meats. You can also order Big Mac sauce on the side if you want to eat it with your fries or something else. There’s also a McCrepe for if you’d like something sweet. If you would like any of these hacks, here’s a link, McDonald’s Secret Menu


Those are some of the many fast food secrets. If you know more about these and like them, leave a comment!

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