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Del Mar Fairground: Your Guide to Fun and Excitement

Del Mar Fairground: Your Guide to Fun and Excitement

If you’re looking for a fun & local activity to do with your family or friends over summer break then the Del Mar Fairgrounds (also known as the San Diego County Fair), is just right for you! Going to a theme park or fairground for the first time can be very confusing. Luckily, this guide will keep you prepared for all of the amusement at the Del Mar Fairgrounds



The San Diego County Fair is open from June 12- July 7 and will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Gates open at 11 am and close at 10 pm each day. General Parking is 20$ and Preferred Parking is 50$ Ticket prices from the SD Fairground Website are shown here:



Main Attractions


Ferris wheel- the 33m Lamberink Ferris wheel stands up to 108 ft tall (33 meters)! This exciting ride is very tall and allows you to see a beautiful view of the fairground. It seats 4-6 adults. The Minimum Height is 42” inches with an adult and 54” without an adult. This is a great ride to go on and even sparkles at night with its pretty LED lights!


Alien Abduction- this ride is very unique! In “Alien Abduction” riders stand upright and feel the force drag them as the ride spins faster and faster. The Minimum Height is 48” inches and is a single-rider ride.


Skyliner- this ride seems as amazing as it sounds! In the “Skyliner”, riders sit on turning swings allowing them to fly up in the air! Additionally, this ride is 100 feet in the air making it extra exciting for people to ride. The minimum height on this ride is “48 inches and is a single-rider ride.


Fast Trax- If you don’t prefer big rides, this ride is just for you! This ride includes many slides built right next to one another allowing groups to race against each other! The Del Mar Fair website describes this ride as bumpy, fast, and a blast! The minimum height is 34” with parent supervision and 42” alone.


Endeavor- you might find this ride fun if you like your rides on the speedier side! The Endeavor ride looks like a sideways Ferris wheel but very fast! “Riders will have the sensation of flying 60 feet through the air at 25 miles per hour and 3G acceleration.” Additionally, the ride sparkles with LED lights at night! The Minimum Height for this ride is 48” inches.


These are just some of the amazing rides at Del Mar Park! In total, there are about 80 rides and games! If you want to search for more fun rides, click here Rides & Games!


Food & Drinks

On top of everything else, the San Diego County Fair also offers food and drinks so you don’t have to go out of your way to get a quick meal! These types of foods include Asian, BBQ, Burgers & Sandwiches, Fried & Battered, Fries & Potatoes, Fruits & Veggies, Greek, Hot Dogs & Sausages. Sounds plentiful to me!




Along with many outdoor booths, commercial and retail vendors are supplemented in three large shopping halls. So if you ever want to keep a cool souvenir or buy a present from your fun visit, these shops have got you covered.


Competitions & Entertainment

Some open competition entries that people can still participate in include the Flower Show, Garden Show, and Livestock! Competitive Exhibits are also available to display your work in! (making, baking, growing, painting, tinkering, carving, and sculpting). Many concerts with famous singers are listed on dates on the San Diego County Fair website! Lastly, various events and activities are daily added to the SD fair website along with many fun contests you can join!


Make sure to have a blast at the San Diego County Fair in the summertime! Have you ever been to the Del Mar fair? What are some of your favorite rides? Leave a comment down below!!


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