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The Best Pool Floats to Make a Splash at Your Pool

The Best Pool Floats to Make a Splash at Your Pool

Going to the pool is a classic way to cool off on a hot summer day. When you go to the pool, you often want to go in style, with the perfect bathing suit, the cutest towel, and the best bag. But sometimes people overlook the best part of the pool, the floats. To make sure you look and feel your best, here are the top pool floats to make it the best pool day

Food Pool Floats

What better way to cool off than on an Ice pop? Some floats, like a pretzel or a pizza, can be shared with a friend. Others like the donut or ice cream are meant for relaxation. There are a ton of different food-themed floats to choose from! Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with choosing a float that’s shaped like a rootbeer float.

The Chair Floats

Want the most comfortable pool float? Get a chair! Equipped with cup holders and a foot rest these chairs are the best for relaxing in a calm pool. They are so comfy you’ll want to take a nap. The chairs are also great for reading in the pool as long as you don’t drop your book in the water. Some of these floats even have a shade that you can put up.

Animal floats

While unicorns are not technically animals, they make great pool floats. Animal floats come in all shapes and sizes, but the best ones are the big flamingos. These giants hold up to 6 people. Who doesn’t want to ride a giant pink flamingo that takes up most of the pool? Another great option is the dinosaur floats or the rubber duck floats.

The Island Floats

This is the ultimate float for any gathering. With many chairs and coolers, it’s perfect for a regatta or in a lake. Some even have a net at the bottom for water to get in the float. It’s always a great time to launch one of these beasts and have an island day. It also has handles on the sides that can be tied to a boat or jet ski.

Dog Floats

When you relax in your pool on your beautiful float, do you ever wish your dog could join you in the fun? With a dog float, they can! These are made for dogs, so their nails won’t puncture the float. Dogs love these floats and enjoy being in the water. Now you can float with your fur baby in your pool.


So, what do you think? What is your favorite pool float? If you could make any pool float, what would it be? Leave a comment!

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