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Are Tesla’s worth the money?

Are Teslas worth the money?

                                                                            Are Teslas all that good?


We’ve all heard of Teslas and how they’re eco-friendly. But are they truly worth the money or are normal gas-powered cars better?


                                                                                  Affect on climate

There’s a myth that says the manufacturing of a Tesla battery is worse than a normal gas car. In reality, it produces Carbon gas in its lifetime rather than what a normal gas-powered car makes. So it’s more eco-friendly than gas-powered cars.



There are many types of Teslas and the majority of them have a low risk of accidents. But one kind of Teslas needs to be revised. The Tesla in question is the CyberTruck. The CyberTruck is plated with ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel. The size of the plates is very off and sharp. It’s said the front hood can cut through fingers. It’s been shown it can cut through fake fingers and carrots. But they only used the corners but not the flat part of it. A video even shows a guy putting his hand on the front hood. The steel plating on the truck whatsoever is very sharp and has no bracing for crashes, which is the main thing for car safety since this absorbs the impact of the car crash. But the CyberTruck doesn’t have this. In a scenario, where there was a collision the other car would face more damage because of the sharp edges and no plastic bracing. Also since the windows are bulletproof you can’t break out so if you fall into a lake it’s as good as over.


                                                                                Is the price worth it?

The average Tesla price is around $42,990 – $119,990 before taxes. In comparison, the average gas car price in California is $5,00 per year including the car itself, so if you’re looking to own a Tesla long-term this is the better option.. For the price of an electric car with tons of features, it’ll make your money’s worth since people spend around $2,148 on gas per year. Buying the Tesla cuts your gas price by a lot. With all the extra features like autopilot, sentry mode that has cameras and if any intruders get close to your car it activates an alarm, dog mode which maintains the interior temperature, message mode, karaoke which lets you choose music to sing to, auto park, etc. You can get all in one with the Tesla Model S.


                                                                                    Is it a family car?

If you have a family then you’ll want a big car especially if you have multiple children, so is the Tesla the right choice? Well, the answer is yes! It has 3 seats in the back and a screen on the back seat to keep your kids entertained if you’re on a long drive. Though the model 3 and Y don’t have the screens.


                                                             So what do you guys think? Is a Tesla worth it or not?

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