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Oh Snap! Our TMS Yearbook 2023-2024

One of the things that people look forward to at the end of the year is the school yearbook! But who makes them? The yearbook class has been advised by Mrs. Prato for 6 years and includes many talented photographers whom we all see on a daily basis. They put a lot of hard work into our yearly wrap-up.  Take a look at this year’s yearbook club and what they think!


Lauren Ortiz 7th Grade


Anthony Miller 6th Grade                                            

What are you looking forward to in yearbook this year?

“Having parties.” (Anthony Miller, 6th Grade)

“Having a great time (Aiden Nelson, 8th Grade)

“Taking pictures and learning how to use a camera.” (Lauren Ortiz, 7th Grade)

What made you want to join yearbook?

“Friends in it.” (Anthony Miller, 6th Grade)

“Fun and cool cameras.” (Lauren Ortiz, 7th Grade)

“It’s cool and different.” (Aiden Nelson, 8th Grade)

What’s your favorite part of yearbook so far?

“Hanging out with friends.” (Lauren Ortiz, 7th Grade)

“Taking photos.” (Anthony Miller, 6th Grade)

Aiden Nelson, 8th Grade



Returning Members


Bennett Banuelos, 7th Grade
Paisley Wilcox, 8th Grade


What was your favorite part of yearbook last year?

“The independence I had.” (Bennett Banuelos, 7th Grade)

“Taking pictures.” (Paisley Wilcox, 8th Grade)

What are you looking forward to in yearbook this year?

“Help teach the new students.” (Bennett Banuelos, 7th Grade) 

“The parties we have.” (Paisley Wilcox, 8th Grade)

What is your favorite thing you have LEARNED in yearbook?

“How to take pictures.”(Bennett Banuelos, 7th Grade)

“How to put the pictures on the pages.” (Paisley Wilcox, 8th Grade)


Mrs. Prato

What can students expect to learn in yearbook?

“Graphic Design, photography skills, teamwork, meeting deadlines, lyrics to every Taylor Swift song.”

What is your favorite part of teaching yearbook?

“Seeing our finished product.”

How long have you been teaching yearbook?

“Six years.” 


If you want to see the amazing work put into the school’s yearbook, make sure to buy one from the TMS webstore. The yearbook is $60 and can be found here.


Mrs. Prato has made yearbook a fun learning experience for students. Think you might be interested? Consider joining yearbook next year! Leave a comment!

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