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5 Star Sign Out, Should be Keep it or Flush it?

Our school has recently adopted the new 5-Star pass system but what do people think and will they be able to adjust? Teachers and students are going to be voicing what they think about and if it’s really worth it


“Love it I give it 5 stars” (Ms. Gray)

“I don’t like that it takes me five minutes to log in but I like it after it helps me keep track of my kids” (Ms. Mull)

“It’s fantastic I love it I wish they would have done it long ago” (Mr. Carbajal)


“It’s annoying because what if I need to take longer than 5 minutes” (Kannon 7th Grade).

“I don’t like it because what if the bathrooms are locked and you have to go longer than five minutes and I get a discipline point” (Quinn 7th Grade ).

“I feel like it’s annoying…[sometimes the bathrooms] are locked, they should unlock all the bathrooms ” (Tessa 7th Grade ).

“I like the concept but the execution was terrible” (Sora 7th Grade).

“…I don’t like it because it’s only five minutes” (Sofiia 6th Grade).

“It should be like seven instead of five minutes” (Jaxon 6th Grade).

“It’s good and I haven’t used it yet but it’s a good idea so people don’t stay out” (Eli 8th Grade).

“I don’t like it because it’s only five minutes and what if something happens” (Mailan 8th Grade).


The timer with the 5-Star system has some benefits but many problems. The problems with a 5-minute timer can lead to students who only had to go to the bathroom getting many discipline points. Too many discipline points mean they can have privileges taken away wrongfully.


Even though there are some problems, there are also some pros. Some kids have been going to the bathroom every period for 20 minutes at a time. This has caused people to miss important lessons which presents an obvious problem. This problem has led the school board to implement these passes.


It’ll take some time for students to adjust. What do you think about this system? Leave a comment!

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  • L

    Laila WilliamsFeb 12, 2024 at 10:20 am

    Many ok things with this system, many bad things. This prevents people from potentially missing too much class, especially on wednesday since it’s a short day so there is less time to teach. Bad things is like when potentially the bathrooms are locked, so you sign out without knowing and are trying to open the door, and once you finally get in your time is already up. I actually have a lot of thoughts about this but im not gonna write them