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Books to Read Over Summer

Summer is a time to relax and unwind. One way to do that is by reading! Mystery, fantasy, and science fiction. There are so many genres. If you don’t like reading, that’s ok! But maybe you haven’t found the right book yet. Here are some books to read over the summer break.

Keeper of the Lost Cities By Shannon Messenger

Sophie Foster has never felt right in the human world. At 12 years old she’s a senior in high school and set to start college next year. One day on a trip to the museum she meets someone, an elf. His name is Fitz and he says that Sophie is an elf too. Fitz shows her a new world with goblins, gnomes, and scarier things like rebel groups looking to topple her new world. Join her in the adventure to keep her newfound world safe as she discovers new powers and dark secrets hidden beneath their perfect world. 

The Magic Misfits By Neil Patrick Harris

Carter has had enough after watching his uncle steal from so many unsuspecting people for so long. He runs away but things aren’t as they seem in this new town. On his first night in this town, Carter meets a so-called magician named Dante Vernon who has many tricks up his sleeves. After exploring, he discovers a criminal circus ring that has come to steal from everyone! He teams up with Mr. Vernon’s daughter Leila, who has a knack for picking locks, and many others along the way to stop this criminal circus ring.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians By Rick Riordan

After Percy is revealed to be the son of Poseidon, one thing is clear, war is coming. Kronos is rising and bringing demigods to fight in his army. Between training a Camp Half-Blood, fighting monsters, and completing quests for the gods, will Percy and his friends be able to stop Kronos from rising and destroying the world as they know it? 

City Spies By James Ponti

The city spies are 5 kids aged 12-16 all with different backgrounds and skills, however, they all have one thing in common, they are all spies for MI6, the British Secret Service. The newest of these spies, Brooklyn, was saved from years in juvenile detention by a spy called Mother. Brooklyn’s hacking skills got her into trouble, and they are the key part of this mission to stop someone from disrupting an international youth summit in Paris. 


With so many different types of books, it can be hard to pick a book to read, but these are just a few wonderful books to read over the summer. So grab a book, find a comfy spot, and start reading!

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