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A New Chapter for 8th Graders

A New Chapter for 8th Graders

How to say goodbye? That is a question shared by every 8th grader at this school. Once this year ends, our 8th-grade Bobcats will be promoted to Golden Bears. They will leave all that is familiar in the pursuit of higher education. This transition is scary and alien for some; for others, it’s exciting and inviting. How to say goodbye? Let’s find out.


The Last ___

Our 8th-grade Bobcats have given it their all this year. As you walk through the halls during the passing period, you might hear the phrase, “This is the last time I’ll (insert activity here)” Emotions are high in the last few weeks of middle school, as many have faced their last final, mile, CAASPP, and Adras outline. All of this leads up to Promotion, where we will take our last look at Middle School as a middle school student. 



There have been so many changes going on in this school since the beginning of the year. We got new window tints depicting motivational phrases that might be a little cringy (I can say this because I’m promoting this year ). We even got a new bobcat mascot this year, which is also displayed in the hallways. We also have our new school’s Can and Will motto. 


It’s not just our school building that’s changed over this year, however, but our staff has also seen some new faces. This year, we’ve welcomed two new P.E. teachers, Mrs. Jenkins and Mr. Enriquez plus many more who have joined the Temecula Middle School staff.


Last Words from our Staff


One thing our 8th graders will miss is our school’s amazing teachers and staff. They work so hard for us to have an education and help us learn every day from our mistakes. We’ve interviewed some of the staff here on campus to ask what they want to tell our 8th graders as they move onto a new chapter of their lives.


What do you want to tell 8th graders?

Mr. Ruiz: Always remember that you are loved and always do your best to be kind. 


Mr. Carbajal: I am proud of all the 8th graders for all their hard work. And, remember, you are responsible for your happiness. 


Mrs. Hayek:  Keep your history notes- especially on the Constitution because it “doesn’t go away!”.  In 11th and 12th grade the topics from 8th history will come back up again!  Past students have told me they kept their notes and used them again!


Mr. Hinrichs: I’d like to tell this year’s 8th graders that I have loved being their science teacher. Many of my students were so excited for me this year because I got to see 2 eclipses. I am an astronomy lover, so I even missed 2 days of school to go to Texas to see the eclipse in April, and when I got back to TMS, many of my students were very quick to ask me how my experience was.  It meant a lot to me that they remembered, and cared enough to ask me about it. #TMS student kindness. I also put a lot of work into our telescope night at Peltzer Farms, and was greatly rewarded that so many students came out, and many expressed appreciation for the work we put into making it happen.  I loved meeting parents and even grandparents at the event.  TMS students and families are the best! Part of what I love about being a science teacher is all the crazy contraptions and systems I build/make to do labs and activities.  I appreciate my students for participating and getting their hands on science.  From pendulum experiments, to the multilayer fossil lab, to outdoor spinning orbit tests, and indoor constellation walks, to the large acceleration ramp, and even making ice cream coming up on June 4th, I have had such a great time.  It means a lot to me that my efforts in putting things together for students, is met by such great participation by them.

Mrs: Prato: I have so many things left to talk about, we ran out of time!  Thank goodness I have this opportunity! First, I want to talk about the time that Ty Henton lost control of his electric bike on the corner of Meadows and Sunny Meadows, and it looked like he was riding a wild Mustang – and then tried to pretend it didn’t happen when I brought it up in class.  Second, I want to delve into why Dean Hoffmaster III is afraid of penguins, if anyone can find out for me, please write back.  And another thing, I’d like to formally apologize for singing “Under my Umbrella, Ella, Ella”, to any student named Ella (Ella Maultasch) because that might have gotten old but impossible for me to tell. In addition, I’d like to tell Tevye Romero that I am not going to miss him keeping track of what time I arrive at work. In addition, I am still offended that Graham Allen was offended when a man at telescope night thought I was his mom. Zoey Buckner, I’d like to tell you that I’m sorry that I’m better at art than you.  There, I apologized publicly.  I’d like to tell Tanner Barsamian that I hope he improves at hockey because the last time I saw him play it was as fun as watching water evaporate in a pool (simile). I’d like to know why Javier Cuadradro-Rios never taught me a single new word in Spanish. I’m wondering what Reese Shettleroe was always talking about in fifth period – if anyone can let me know, that’d also be great, please write back. I’d like to officially say that I love that Claire Allard’s middle name is Clara – a super neat middle name; I’m not as fond of Paisley Wilcox’s middle name: Paise, but I didn’t get to name her. I’d like to tell 8th graders that I expected Parker Heid to like Lord of the Flies and I was surprised that he said he didn’t on the chapter 12 test.  Why, Parker? Why didn’t you like it?  And finally, for once and for all, it’s very important for me to say that despite their denials, I did beat Aiden Nelson AND Chad Davis multiple times at arm wrestling throughout the year, though I can no longer participate in arm wrestling competitions because I broke both of my elbows bungee jumping.  Ohhhh, you meant 8th graders in general?  I see.  I’m going to MISSSS YOUUUU <<< See how I put the extra letters in?  That’s coolllll. #extralettersarecool and I want to say that you have been my most favorite group of 8th graders ever, just don’t tell anyone older than you who went to TMS that I said that.  You have all wormed your way into my heart, and I genuinely wish you all the best in the next four years and beyond.  And I’m sorry for all the times I pretend yelled – you know it was from the heart.


What is some last advice you have for future freshmen?

Mr Ruiz: Don’t be afraid to be weird, be yourself, friends will come and go but you’ll eventually find your place, but you always need to be true to yourself. 

Mr. Carbajal: Make small changes everyday that bring good things and good people into your life. 

Mrs. Hayek: Get involved in what interests you from Day 1 of High School!  Make the most of those 4 years!

Mr. Hinrichs: My advice for future freshmen, (yes that happens on June 7th,) is to not forget that you are a person in progress.  You are growing and maturing and replacing your former child like self, with a more mature adult like self.  Some days you don’t notice it, but you are transforming.  Think about how different you are now from when you entered middle school in 6th grade.  That change happened one day at a time, so it matters what you do with each of your days. Because you are a person in progress, don’t be so hard on yourself when things don’t go so well.  Learn from it, and move from it. Like we have studied during Growth Mindset Mondays, understand and remember how valuable you are, and live strongly and confidently because of your value.  There may be days when you don’t feel very valuable, but that doesn’t change the truth about your value.  High school will have some of the most memorable days of your life.  Live those days well, they will shape you into the person you become.

Mrs: Prato:  For some: You might need to add some muscle to your legs so you can get to class on time – you know who you are… for others, you are going to do amazing things, I can’t wait to hear about all of your successes!  Do you need more advice?  I have SO much more to give… Don’t wear white shoes after Labor Day. Don’t get in fights over dumb stuff, remember what you learned from me about doing dumb stuff: don’t.  Don’t email your teachers with headings like: “Hey Pammy, Can you take a looksie at my grade?  You’ve made a mistake.  I left my quiz blanksies cuz I didn’t get it, not cuz I didn’t do it, so it shouldn’t say zero.  Fix that.” Hmmmm… What else?  So many things to cover and yet, so little space for this article.


Future 8th Graders

Of course, we can’t write this article without mentioning our future 8th graders. 8th grade can be challenging, but it’s not without its fun moments. It’s important to remember not to overwork yourself, but you should also strive to do your best. If you are going into 8th grade, our advice is to:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Hang out with your friends but also carve out time for studying
  3. Do something you’ve never done before (You’re leaving this place in a year, so why not?).
  4. Do your best, do what you can, no matter what
  5. Just relax, everything will be fine. Don’t stress about stuff that you won’t remember in a year.
  6. Don’t bully the 6th graders (they may be annoying, but you were in 6th grade once too, ya know)


To sum it all up, 8th graders are moving on to a new part of their lives, which is scary but exciting at the same time. Good luck 8th graders! Have fun and be yourself. What do you think? Anything you want to say to our future 8th graders or freshmen? Let us know your favorite moment from this school year!

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