Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow


Anything can happen if you aren’t paying attention, walking your bike or looking both ways before crossing the street could save your life. Even with staff on duty, you must watch out for cars. Here are some tips for crossing the street, riding your bike, or even walking to school.



Tips From Our Staff





How do you stay safe by cars?

“Keep to the sidewalks.” (Mr.Molstre)


What are some rules to remind students what to do?

“Walk your bike, stay on the sidewalks, and look both ways.”(Mr. Molstre)


Do you have any tips for the car loop? 

“Only go in the way you’re supposed to.” (Mr. Molstre)


What should we do if someone is in this situation?

“Go to the front office or call 911”.(Mr. Molstre)


Do kids listen to you when crossing the road?

“50% of kids usually listen.” (Mrs.Escribano) 


What are some rules kids need to follow?

“When the campus security guards blow the whistle they need to stop even though there is time left on the timer.” (Mrs. Escribano)


What is the most important thing you should do when crossing the road?

Even though the light turns white for you to cross you still need to look both ways at the crosswalk before they cross the street.” (Mrs. Escribano)


When are there usually staff down by the crosswalk?

“We are down there for 10 minutes after the bell rings from 2:30 to 2:40.” (Mrs. Escribano)


As many as 40 students are hit by a car while walking or riding their bikes to school a day in the US. There have also been more than 1,000 crashes related to school transport from 2011-2020. As students, we must stay safe and pay attention to our surroundings to keep ourselves safe.

Although this is a little bit of a scary topic, we still need to talk about this and listen to the school rules to ensure our safety. Do you have any tips for other students to stay safe? Leave a comment.