Should TMS Offer Language Classes?

Should TMS Offer Language Classes?

Olivia Huffmire, Writer

Are you a multi-language speaker? If not, you should try! Although our school doesn’t have a language program, over 75% percent of schools K-8th grade offer language classes. But the absence of a class doesn’t mean you can’t learn to be multilingual(a multi-language speaker). It could be as simple as checking out a book at the library. 

Benefits of Knowing Multiple Languages

There are so many benefits to learning a second language! It can improve your memory, help you communicate with foreign family members, and help when applying for college or writing your resume. Also, Spanish, French, and German are among the most common languages taught and spoken in the US, so learning one would help you communicate with more people.


Can I learn a language at home?

Yes! There are so many ways to learn a language. It doesn’t have to be in a classroom. You could find books or websites,  or learn from friends and family if they have a different heritage or just learned somewhere else. One app that I have enjoyed using is called Duolingo. I have been learning French, and I love that it doesn’t just teach you the most basic things, but instead, you learn different kinds of words and grammar rules in levels. My brothers in elementary have enjoyed learning Italian and Hawaiian as well. Plus, one added benefit of learning a language now is that it can prepare you for learning languages at TVHS, where it is a required class. 

What do YOU think?

Now you have seen so many ideas, opinions, and facts, so what do you think? Should we have language classes? Are you interested in learning one? Would you take them at home or online? Or maybe you already speak another language at home? Tell us in the comments!