6th Grade Bobcat Spotlights

6th Grade Bobcat Spotlights

Finley Skumawitz, Secretary


SPORT we all love them and many of us do them.  Let’s celebrate some students, in the name of sports!


Mrs. Kruger: Slam Poetry

These 2 students have been nominated for an outstanding job on their sports poetry:

(Click on the link for the inspiration of their poems)

Addison’s Slam Poetry

Addison Garcia’s Inspiration


Drake’s Slam Poem 

Drake Harkey’s Inspiration 


From poetry about sports to actually doing them, this student shares his passion for riding motocycles.


Beckett Aaron

Beckett Aaron is a motorcycle rider who has won several awards and was nominated the BEST 11-year-old in the country! Here is a small interview with him to find out more about what he does.


What do you do when motorcycling?

“I have to go over technical objects like rocks and logs. I have to keep my feet up the whole time and never put them on the ground so you have to have really good balance.” 


How long have you been motorcycling?

“Since I was 2 and a half.”


Do you do this competitively or for fun?



Have you won any awards?

“Yes. I won an east coast championship and a west coast championship last year. This year I won a local championship.”


These bobcats are each phenomenal in plenty of ways! Stay tuned for more 6th grade bobcat, student spotlights!