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School Board; Updates and Recall

When driving through neighborhoods, you may have seen a lot of signs in people’s yards saying YES RECALL or NO RECALL. Over the years, there have been some conflicts within the school board, which has led to a recall for Komrosky, the trustee Area 4 representative. This recall vote will occur on June 4th but is there more we need to know? 


The Backstory

It all started back in December 2022, when the school board banned teaching critical race theory, which teaches about the different kinds of racism in government. TVUSD never taught this. The conflict again sparked in May 2023 when the school board voted 3 against 2 to reject a new history curriculum. The governor said he would give TVUSD new books, but it cost us 3.1 million tax dollars. Also, the 4th-grade curriculum was being reviewed, so they weren’t allowed to use it yet. 


Komrosky’s response

Komroskys response was not positive. He explained how the governor had ignored his concerns. He also responded to the fine by announcing how “We do not appreciate Governor Newsom’s effort to usurp local control and all that will apparently result from these tactics is a waste of the taxpayers’ money.”. 

Against the recall

Others were frustrated as 4th graders were left without a social studies book for the year. The League of United Latin American Citizens and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Southwest Riverside announced their support of the recall effort. There were many other petitions to recall the other 2 board members, but there were not enough signatures to continue with the process. 


What’s happening now?

In February, interviews were in progress on the case that Komrosky gets recalled. Then the recall will be on June 4th. Who knows what will happen after this? Maybe the other 2 board members will be recalled, or maybe our school board will stay the same. 

The whole recall has many layers and there is a lot more information. So, if you are in trustee area 4, make sure to tell your parents to listen to both sides of the discussion and vote!


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