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The Reason For The Season!

(Jesus’s Resurrection)
The Reason For The Season!

Easter is coming up soon! That’s right the colorful season that brings green grass and 

bright flowers. This season is known to bring bright eggs and sugary candy, but Easter wasn’t always known for that reason. In fact, Easter wasn’t created for the Easter bunny or for crazy eggs to be hidden throughout houses and yards nor was 

Easter created for candy. Actually, Easter is known for so much more and even has a deeper meaning. So let’s dive right into the origins, history, and meaning of this colorful, fun and welcoming holiday.  

Who is Jesus?:

Jesus Christ is known as a savior, who was persecuted on the cross for declaring himself as the messiah. Jesus is known as the “three trinity”, which also means that Jesus was the Father, the son, and the holy spirit. Jesus was sent down, and born from a sweet woman named Mary. He grew up in the city of Nazareth, poor, but also dedicated. His father was a carpenter and Jesus often helped his dad. In return, his dad often taught him all of the responsibilities of adulthood socially, and spiritually.


The Story of Jesus As you know, Jesus was also considered to be in the holy trinity. Taking that into account, God sent Jesus down to earth in human form seeing all the struggles that we had. When Jesus grew, he began to preach about God, and that he was the messiah. As belief got popular, cities began to get mad that he was claiming himself as king, warning  Jesus to stop. Jesus set aside negative comments and continued to preach about the good news of God. During this time he spread parables, performed miracles, and helped people find faith in God. Eventually, cities got so mad that they performed many forms of torture. They beat him, made him wear a thorn crown, and forced him to carry a huge wooden cross up a hill. Finally, they nailed his hands to the cross and let him hang there until he died. Instead of Jesus saving himself, he died for all of the wrong doings of people (sins) on the cross (isn’t that amazing?!) Jesus’ disciples (his followers) were devastated and decided to bring him to a tomb covered in a big rock. As many of his family and followers grieved on his loss.


Jesus Resurrection:

 While his disciples and family grieved over his passing, Jesus made an amazing mystery 3 days later. This is because when Mary Magdalene walked into Jesus’ tomb he was gone! As all of Jesus’s disciples heard the news, they rushed out to see a golden ray beaming through the clouds so bright that even two guards passed out as Jesus rose above to heaven. This was such amazing evidence of the kingdom of heaven to all his disciples and non believers. This day was so important to many people that it was created as a holiday called Easter. Easter celebrates the day and resurrection of Jesus Christ and is celebrated by many each year!  


As you can see, Easter means a lot to many people, and is not just made for candy and bunnies. It has a very long, loving  and religious background! So make sure to leave a comment if you celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection!

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