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What’s the Deal With Stanley Cups?


Whether you’ve been on TikTok or YouTube, you’ve probably seen the Stanley Cup. There has been much controversy regarding this cup, including lead poisoning, theft, and bullying. This article will discuss the pros, cons, and much more about the Stanley Cup.


How did Stanley Cups become popular?

Stanley is a  110-year-old company, but recently, the Quencher Cup has gained new popularity because of an Instagram account called The Buy Guide. Stanley offered The Buy Guide an opportunity to buy 5,000 Quenchers to resell through their website. The 5,000 sold out within days because of their durability, ability to keep water cold for a long time, and overall aesthetic. Another reason for the Stanley Cup’s recent popularity is that TikTok user @danimarielettering posted a video of her burning car with her Stanley inside it. The Stanley came out without a scratch and ice still inside of it.

Pros and Cons of Stanley Cups

The Stanley Cup has many good sides but also many bad things about it. First off, the lid. Many people have complained that they can’t store their Stanleys on their sides or backpacks because the lid leaks. But, people also praise the Stanley because it can fit in the car cup holder, unlike most 40-ounce water bottles. However, if you are trying to take your Stanley in your backpack, you might be out of luck because it doesn’t fit well and is quite heavy to carry. The cup is also dishwasher-safe and keeps hot drinks hot, but people have noticed it doesn’t keep drinks cold for as long as Hydro Flasks do.


The Controversy Surrounding Stanley Cups

In November 2023, Stanley and Starbucks released a new cup that put people in frenzies. People lined up outside Target as early as 5 am, and once the stores opened, people were shoving and pushing to get just one of these cups. In another instance, TikToker Dayna Motycka bought an insulated tumbler for her 9-year-old daughter, but when her daughter took it to school, she came back upset because all the girls at school made fun of her for not having an actual Stanley. People also criticize the cups because people have whole rooms or cabinets dedicated to housing their Stanleys. These cups are supposed to be reusable so that there is less trash made from them, but if people buy one Stanley to match each outfit, then the whole point of reusability is destroyed.

Stanley cups became popular, but their downfall might be close because people are already getting rid of them. These cups have some good and some bad, but let us know what you think! 



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