Futbol VS Football

Giuliana V. Deis


With the FIFA World Cup ending a couple of months ago, and the Super Bowl coming up soon, everybody is excited about both fútbol and football. Although they share a name, they are both very different!


 With 275,000,000  players worldwide, including 128,983 pro’s you could easily say fútbol (soccer) is the most popular team sport in the world! According to FIFA, modern fútbol began in 1863 in England. Obviously, fútbol has since expanded across the globe. During The FIFA World Cup 2023, there were 32 qualified countries, with nearly 26 million spectators just watching from home alone. 

Gareth Espanto and Adam Abouelnaga 6th grade

What do you enjoy most about Fútbol?

“The skills” (Gareth Espanto 6th)

“The bonds and how you learn to play together, you can’t do something without each other.” (Adam Abouelnaga 6th)

“The fact you can make friends.” (Lauren Olsen 7th)

Who is your favorite team?

“Liverpool FC” (Adam Abouelnaga 6th)

“England National Team”  (Gareth Espanto 6th)

“Liverpool.” (Lauren Olsen 7th)

Do you play Fútbol?

“Yes.” (Gareth Espanto 6th)

“Yes.” (Adam Abouelnaga 6th)

“Yes.”  (Lauren Olsen 7th)

Lauren Olsen 7th Grade


Did you know that American football can also be known as gridiron? With 400 million fans (according to and 1728 players in the NFL, football is the most popular sport in the U.S. Football started as a mix between soccer and rugby, and the first game was played in 1869 in New Jersey.  Last year’s annual Super Bowl 2022 game reached 99.18 million views! People of all ages come together to play this fun sport! 

Did you know that Mr. Molstre played football during college?

Mr. Molstre

Have you ever played football? 

“Yes” (Mr. Molstre)

Where did you play?

“For NDSU” (Mr. Molstre)

What position?

“Running back” (Mr. Molstre)

Who is your favorite team?

“Minnesota Vikings” (Mr. Molstre)

What do you like about football?

“Hitting and getting hit” (Mr. Molstre)

Mr. Molstre and Bennett Banuelos 6th Grade

What do you enjoy most about Football?

“Patrick Mahomes” (Bennett Banuelos 6th)

“The game is fun, and hitting people.” (Andrew Ortiz 8th)

Who is your favorite team?

“Chiefs” (Bennett Banuelos 6th)

“The Chargers.” (Andrew Ortiz 8th)

Do you play Football?

“Yes, I used to” (Bennett Banuelos 6th)

“Yes.” (Andrew Ortiz 8th)

Andrew Ortiz 8th Grade

Whether or not you’ve watched or played one of these sports, you have to admit they’re both a pretty fun way to get active and have fun. Do you play either of these sports? Are you excited for The Super Bowl? Leave a comment! 


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