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Are these Fall sports in your Future?

Are these Fall sports in your Future?

Hey, are you doing anything this fall? Maybe you’re just sitting on your bed hoping something will free you from your boredom. If that’s you, maybe these sports can help keep you active and engaged while saving you from boredom!




Volleyball is a sport where you play on a court made out of PVC or vinyl unless you’re on a beach than you play on sand. Just like many other sports Volleyball works in teams, each team will have 6 players on the court,  you will have to rotate your positions throughout the game. The goal of volleyball is for players to hit the ball over the net and on to their opponents side of the court. Here are some of the basic rules of volleyball, first off you don’t want the ball to hit the ground on your side of the net or else the opposing team gets a point. Your team can only hit the ball 3 times in a row and you can only hit the ball once every time it goes over onto your side. One volleyball game consists of 2-3 parts, these are called sets and each set is equal to 25 points. Lastly, volleyball is one of the only sports where you can use every part of your body, even your feet. If this sounds interesting than you should check out Forza Volleyball Forza Volleyball

 Viper Volleyball Viper Volleyball. If you would like to see a video about volleyball all you need to do is press this link


                                                                                  Flag Football


      If you’re more into outdoor sports and getting dirty maybe this sport is for you? Flag football is basically like football but without having to tackle people, in order to stop their play you just grab their flag as fast as possible as long as they have possession of the ball. Starting off with the team, each team will have 5-8 players on the field, another rule is to always make sure you’re not tackling a player. Flag football is a non-contact sport which means there is no need to be tackling, if you are able to get the touch down with the ball your team will earn 6 points. Now, here are the basics about this sport. First off the game is split into 4 quarters, you also get 4 tries to get a touchdown or at least gain a point after that the opposing team gets 4 tries,  the team who gets possession first is determined by a coin toss.  You’re going to have a player called the quarterback who will be throwing the ball to a receiver to gain a touchdown or 1- 2 points. Flag Football is also a sport that both girls and boys can play. So, if you’re interested in this sport then this link will take you to Friday night lights, a flag football club in Temecula!  

Flag football has so much more to it than you may think so if you’re interested you can check out the link at the bottom of the page, and if you would like to see a video about flag football press this link




If you’re more into a sport that consists of accuracy and competitiveness than basketball might be a sport to look into! Basketball is a sport where you need to make a ball into a small circular red hoop that has a net on it and a board attached to the back. The way to gain points is by making the ball into the hoop. Not every shot is one point, it actually depends on how far away you are from the hoop, for example if you shoot and make it on the free throw line you get 1 point. If you make a shot inside the 3 point line you get 2 points and if you make the shot on or behind the 3 point line you get 3 points. Another way to make points is if someone fouls you in the middle of making a shot this lets you get 1 free shot or more depending on the situation. These are some things you probably would not want to do in basketball starting off with kicking and hitting the ball with your fist this is not allowed instead you would do something called dribbling where you will bounce the ball using your hand another one you shouldn’t do is traveling this is when you hold the ball and start walking or running with it. Just like volleyball and flag football you will play in teams,these teams will consist of  5 or more players but only 5 can be on the court at once. The goal of the game is to score more points than the opposing team before your time runs out. There’s so much more you can learn about basketball and it’s all in 2 links at the bottom of the page. If your interested in basketball, Temecula  has its own basketball team and the link is right here TYBL. If you would like to see a video just press this link.


Hopefully these sports will help keep you active, engaged, and happy. There are so many different things you can do in Temecula and these are just a few. These sports may seem small but they make a big difference to your everyday life.


1st Volley Ball research link

2nd Volley Ball research link 


1st Basketball link

2nd Basketball link


1st Flag Football link


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