McDonalds vs Burger King

Who will win the throne for the best burger?


Rebekah Carbajal, Writer

                   McDonald’s vs Burger King

                                   Who will win the throne for the best burger?

Imagine biting into a sweet, juicy, flavor-bursting burger. Delicious and mouth-watering! According to, 73% of the American population says they like burgers. Now, the real battle has begun, starring the two most popular burger restaurants in the world: Mcdonald’s and Burger King! Who will win the fight and take the throne for the Burger Wars?


-Burger King

Pros: Burger King has delicious, buttery onion rings, with a crunch on the outside, and a sweet softness on the inside! And don’t forget their flame-broiled Whopper burgers! Because the burgers are flame-broiled, they collect less grease than traditional fast food burgers fried on regular grills.

Cons: The number one reason Burger King might not fare so well is it is high in unsaturated fats, fillers, and cholesterol. This issue can lead to heart disease. Cholesterol can give you soft, flat, yellowish lumps on your face and skin.


Pros: When it comes to Mcdonald’s vs Burger King, Mcdonald’s offers healthier options, and has better Coke, better fries, and better chicken nuggets. Also, there are half as many Burger King locations as Mcdonald’s!

Cons: Mcdonald’s has high calories, high-fat diets packed with cholesterol and animal fat that is found in their burgers and chicken nuggets. This issue causes heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other health problems.

Mcdonald’s and Burger King,  are both successful restaurants, but who beats the other in the burger wars? It really comes down to what each person thinks.  So, what do you think?