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The History of Movie Making

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Movies are everyone’s favorite way to chill but have you ever wondered how movies came to look so realistic?


Evolution of movies

Movies started in black and white with only sound effects. The way they filmed it, actors had to be completely silent with exaggerated facial expressions. They would use an invention of theirs to make movies. It was called a kinetoscope. The first film was approximately 2 seconds long but as movies evolved they were only a few minutes long or maybe even less. A man named Louis Le Prince was the creator of the first film ever made. He created the first film to show his family walking around a garden. The first movie was created by the Lumiere Brothers. The Actors/Actresses were very dramatic. They used very exaggerated gestures to express their feelings.

Release to the public

Movies have been around for over 100 years. The first cinema opened in the early 1900’s the first movie in a theater was called The Vitascope Hall. But before that films were shown at music halls, fairgrounds, and anywhere that they could create a dark space. In December 1895 the first movie was released to audiences in Paris, France. It was called “Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory”. Audiences thought the movie was frightening because it showed images of an incoming train. The audience was mostly immigrants and citizens.

Movies Now

Now we have technology that can do all sorts of things. We can make it rain on the queue and go back to being sunny in two seconds. Instead of being a couple of minutes long, they are 2 hours or more! Theaters movies and actors have evolved greatly.

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