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Best Ice Creams Shops To Cool Down!

We all love ice cream! It’s a perfect way for kids and adults to cool down on a hot day. There are endless flavor options, including chocolate, vanilla, Mint Chip, strawberry, and cookie Dough. One of the best things about ice cream is that there are so many different places to get it! There are the classics like Cold Stone or Dairy Queen, and the newer shops like Handels or Afters. But which one is the best? Here are the top 5 ice cream shops in Temecula!


1) Doh Creamery

Doh Creamery is a highly underrated shop with their main attraction being cookie dough!  They have a perfect blend of edible cookie dough and ice cream that tastes amazing. You can get just ice cream or just cookie dough, but the best is when you get a scoop of both! 


2) Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone is loved because their ice cream is fully customizable. After picking from a unique array of flavors, you get to pick as many toppings as you like! They have classic mixes or you can build your own.

3) Afters

This shop is a newer one in town, but one of the best! Afters stands out because of its flavor options. They have classics like chocolate chip or monster, but they also have some more undiscovered flavors like Salty Oreo, Ube, and Midnight brownie. Afters also has their viral Milky Buns, which is basically ice cream inside a sweet hamburger bun. They also sell vegan and dairy-free options! They are located in the promenade area. 


4) Handel’s

Handel’s ice cream was first created in Ohio and recently came to Temecula. It’s a fan favorite because of its 45 flavor choices! Their creamy ice cream is perfect for a warm sunny day. Handels is more expensive than other shops, but its massive scoops make it all worth it. There are normally Handels at the TVHS football games, as well as other events around Temecula. It’s on Margarita Rd., so if you live near there, make sure to try it out!


5) Dairy Queen

Everyone loves Dairy Queen’s iconic Blizzards, but their cones are great too! You can get cheap ice cream with great quality. Dairy Queen also rotates their flavors for the season, so you get many options to choose from. Did you know that you can customize your blizzards with whatever you want in them?


Ice cream is the perfect treat to cool you off on a summer day. You could also make your ice cream from home! So, are you going to check out any of these places? Leave a comment!


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