5 Secrets To Make Your New Year’s Goals Come True


By Johanna Marx


Happy 2022! It’s a new year, filled with new possibilities and a fresh start to finally achieve your New Year’s Resolutions. But looking back at last year’s bucket list… How much did you really get done? (If you’re anything like me, then not much.) So why will this year’s goals be any different? Because you’ve got this article to help you!


  1. Create (End) Goals

Keep in mind the difference between mean goals and end goals. Mean goals are goals that will not necessarily make you happy by completing them. End goals are goals that lead to what you truly want—happiness, contributing to the world, etc. 


As you dig deeper into why you want to achieve something, you can find a deeper desire within yourself. Ask yourself: What do I really want? What are my end goals?


  1. S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Businessman in a hamster wheel — Stock Vector

If your goals aren’t S.M.A.R.T., you could end up doing a lot of work but getting nowhere near your goal—like running in a hamster wheel! (Image Source: depositphotos)


If your goals aren’t well-defined, then you won’t be able to start doing them. And how will you know you’ve achieved them if you don’t have a good definition of what your achievement is? For example, “play an instrument” isn’t a smart goal. Edit your goal as you go through each step.


Specific: Are you clear about what you want to do?

Measurable: Can it be tracked so you can see your progress?

Actionable: Are you able to take steps to achieve this goal?

Realistic: Is this something you can realistically achieve?

Timebound: Do you have a deadline to work towards?


So using the SMART method, we can change our “play an instrument” example from earlier to something more like this:

  1. Put Time Into Planning 

One of the biggest reasons people can give up on their goals is from a lack of planning. It’s like hopping in the car and starting the engine, but then having no GPS or maps! Or if you do have a map, what does it tell you to do when you come to a dead-end road?


  1. Make a list of things to do to achieve your goal.
  2. Note any obstacles you may face and what you can do to overcome them. 
  3. [Optional] Create a chart to track your progress. The example chart above will work for many things, from word count goals for writing, to time spent playing sports, to getting school assignments finished. 


4. Stay Motivated

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

Although you may be very motivated, you can quickly lose that confidence when you leave your comfort zone. Some people make vision boards and collages on their walls with images of their end goals. Writing down why you are doing this can help inspire you when things get tough. 


  1. Give Up Your Excuses

5 Ways to Help Employees Overcome the Excuse Mentality

Cut out your excuses! Excuses will slow you down and make reaching your goal much harder than it has to be. (Image Credit: Leadership IQ)


As the saying goes, if your goal is important to you, you will find a way; if not, you’ll find an excuse. Instead of improving ourselves, we usually want to take the easy way out—excuses. Come on, we all know them. I don’t have the time. I can’t do it. I’m not ready. 


If you want your goals for 2022 to come true, figure out what your end goals are, break them down into SMART goals, spend time planning, stay motivated, and stop making excuses. Only YOU can decide whether your new year’s goals will happen. So make 2022 a successful year!


What do you think? Do you have any new year’s resolutions? Tell us in the comments!




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