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Culture Club at TMS

Culture Club at TMS

Have you heard about the Culture Club that we have here at TMS? If you haven’t and are interested in what it’s about or want to show up but don’t know when then we will cover it all here!


Mrs. Miles is in charge of Culture Club. We have interviewed her to learn more about this great club!


What is the culture club?


“Culture club is where we learn about a variety of cultures.” 


When do you meet up for Culture Club?


“We meet up on Thursday at first lunch but we are hoping that a second lunch teacher can open up their classrooms for kids that have second lunch.” 


What do you guys do in culture club?


“We do things like kahoots about the culture we are learning about and other fun activities.” (Mrs.Miles)


How do you join?


“You just show up to my classroom, nothing else.” (Mrs.Miles) 


What are your opinions on Culture Club? Do you think you might be the next person to walk in? Leave a comment!

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