Battle of the Smartphones; Apple VS. Samsung

Battle of the Smartphones; Apple VS. Samsung

Sophie Stempson

For years, phone companies have been battling to make their phone the best. They are constantly updating and making better versions of their phones. The 2 main competitors are Apple and Samsung. So let’s settle the debate. So what phone is really the best?



The phone company Apple was created on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs. They have been very popular with currently over 1.5 billion users. They are known for constantly having new phones. So, the phones should get better and better, right?

Pros of Apple Phones

They have a very high-security program. With their newer face ID, you can’t unlock your phone without it seeing your face or your thumbprint. They also have good accessibility on their phone. Everything is on the home screen and easy for you to see. 

Cons of Apple Phones

Apple phones are very expensive, and they are no longer updating their older phones. So, if you want a phone that is cheaper and works, iPhones might not be the best for you. They are also known for their short battery life, only lasting for 10-15 hours. But who is actually on their phone for that long!?



Samsung  (also known as an android) was made by  Lee Byung-chull and they were first created in South Korea! Samsung came from the Korean word for 3 stars. But they didn’t start selling electronics until 1969 before they were just selling food and other goods. 

Pros of Samsung phones

Samsung phones have a very long-lasting battery life and you can even share your battery with another phone. Users also love Samsung phones because they can become a full desktop setup in seconds. The phone can easily connect to a computer or even a TV, then you just have to connect your keyboard and mouse to your TV then you’re all set!


Cons of Samsung phones

Even though they have a long-lasting battery life per time you charge your phone, that will go down with use. Many users say that their phone takes forever to charge after a bit of having their phone. Unlike the iPhone, Samsungs are very heavy and bulky, making them hard to fit in pockets and tight spaces.

Well, what do TMS students think?

Which phone do you think is the best?

Apple (Harlow Fortino, 6th)

Apple (Alejandro Flores, 6th)

Apple (Avery Burkette, 8th)

Apple( Ava Franks, 8th)

Samsung (Nelson Abreu, 6th)

Apple (Olivia Porquez, 8th)


Which phone is really the best? There will never be a sure answer but everyone can have their own opinions. Which phone do you think is best? Leave a comment!