Oreo Overload: Creative Ways to Devour the Classic Treat


Isabelle Marx, Vice President & Writer

We just celebrated National Oreo Day on March 6th.  Even since 1912, the famous cookie company has been shaping what we know today as Oreos. But since then, people have found many different ways to devour the delicious cookie. Do any of these ways look familiar to you?


Dipping in milk

Wonder How To

This is a fun, but simple way to eat them. It’s a way to add some extra flavor and softens up the cookie. Oreos and milk both are delicious on their own, but together, they are even better. But if you’re afraid to get your fingers wet, you can use a fork or a popsicle stick!


Pulling it apart


This is the most popular way to eat an Oreo cookie. Plus, it’s very simple to eat. All you have to do is pull one side of the chocolate cookie away, which comes off the filling, and another side of the cookie. 


Fondue covered Oreos

Cooking Mamas

This adds a whole new level of chocolate to the cookie. You can dip it into any type of chocolate and you can also add stripes to make it look like a zebra. It takes about 37 minutes to complete. Here’s a link if you want to try it: The Spruce Eats.


Cookie Crumble

Salt & Baker

By crushing your Oreos, you can put it on anything from ice cream to a slice of cheesecake. It’s also fun when you get to crush it, but make sure that you don’t do it on any breakable surfaces!


The real way to eat Oreos – According to the Oreos team


So according to the Oreo team, the “real” way to eat it is to “twist, lick, and dunk” the cookie. Dunking is basically just dipping it into milk. 


These are just a few of the many different ways to eat Oreos. How do you like to eat yours? Tell us in the comments!