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MAKING Halloween


For people who like crafting and DIYs, Halloween and fall are a great time to practice your hobby from making costumes with your friend group to making decorations for your dinner table.  One of the most beloved Halloween traditions is dressing up with friends and family. But costumes can be expensive so here are some easy costumes you can make


This one is super easy and popular. You just need shirts that are the color of the rainbow. and with cricket or vinyl machine

you can put the “m” on  the shirts or you can use a stencil and 

Paint it with white fabric paint.


——-this great last-minute costume is great for groups of boys and

 girls. You need a yellow shirt (long sleeve would probably be

 best for being out during the night but short-sleeve works too)

 next, you need some jeans overalls (that can be found at

 Walmart) and finally, you should print the classic “Gru” symbol



This fun costume can be used 

as a single costume or a group

 Costume. What you need is all white 

clothes and electrical tape. It’s super simple; you dress in your white clothes and put your tape in the shape of a stick figure and get a paper plate to make a mask. Another fun idea is to put glow sticks on it for the nighttime.


But Halloween is not all about costumes; so look at these cool decoration ideas:

——-this “bleeding” candle idea is both spooky and easy to make. You will need plain white candles, red crayons, and nails, push pins, needles, or anything small and sharp. First, start by taking a lighter and putting it over a red crayon so you get some “bloody” drips on your candle. After you have the number of drips you want, stick in your small sharp objects, light your candle, and enjoy.

——-This one is probably the easiest DIY you could do. Its 

Pretty self-explanatory but what you need is mason jars, 

Fake eyeballs, snakes, spiders, or anything else. you will

Also need some sort of liquid to fill your jars. You start by 

Putting in your object next pu in you liquid and a touch of 

Food dye. The food dye gives it an extra erie look i would

Recommend orange green yellow and red. Finally put the lid

On and display.


                          ——-For this eerie decoration you will need fake white tights, fake spider rings and a     \             cottan. You can start by filling the tights with cotten or pillow stiffing. Next start 

    Arangeing  the tights and filling so there is more on the bottom like a ball and less on     the top like it is ahnging to finish up arrange your spiders on the webs. It looks                 best if you put     best if more on the bottom and the rest climbing to the top.


Fall is about more than halloween so here are 3 fall craft ideas


   ——-This wonderful candle is great for star bucks lovers and can be

Mad in several different ways the first way is to go to walmart 

And but your favorte wax bars. If you dont know what those are

You can ask a worker for the wax bars that smell good. Next at 

Home heat up some water in a sauce pan to a leval where it 

Next put your wax in a glass bowl and put the bowl in the hot water

This will melt your wax in a safe way. Finally puor your melted wax

In the cup and put a wick inside. Rest the wick on a pencil in top of so your wick does not end up slanted whn the wax cools. Another way to do it is to yake a plain candle and melt it it the same way but add some food coloring and essential oils that smell good and continue with the rest of the steps. You can also do this in star bucks glass cups and paper cups. And it makes for a great present especially in winter

The cup 


——-This craft can be used for som many things like lantern, candy jar, or even 

Just a center piece. for this you will need a mason jar, fake fall leaves, 

modge podge, a foam brush, and optional twine. To begin take your mason jar

 andput a little bit of modge poge in one spot then put the leaf on it and stick the 

rest of the leaf with the moge podge until its flat on the mason jar continue doing this with the rest of your leaves until you have covered the jar. Put some decorative twine on top to finish it off. You can put a tea lantern inside or use it as a candle container


For more ideas check out the pumpkin carving article by Reece Malan or the fall recipes that will make your mouth water by Jolie, aven, and Johanna

If you have any cool decorations or costumes that you or someone in your family made we would love for you to put them in the comments


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