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New Year’s Resolutions: For you!

New Year’s Resolutions: For you!


New Year’s resolutions. We all know them and probably have mixed feelings about them. They are super motivating and they can improve your life….. for around two weeks. New Year’s resolutions don’t last super long because you lose the motivation to keep going. So, what are some tips to just keep going, here are 6 tips! 


1) Think Big, Start off Small

When the New Year starts, you might have all of these ideas but it’s best to start small. If you start small, you are more likely to keep your goal. Then, once you get your goal as a habit, you can increase it further and further as the year goes by. For example, if you want to get in better shape, then start small by exercising once every three days. Later on, you can start doing 4 days, and so on.


2) Make sure your goal has a purpose

Sometimes, we might feel pressured to have a goal like everyone else but your goal should be unique to you and what you can do to change yourself. Everyone’s goals should be different and that’s okay.  


3) Give Yourself Awards 

With a goal, it might be tempting to just give up, so set up an award that you can receive if you reach that goal by a certain time. For example, if you want to read more, set a goal that you read one book by the end of the month. Then, as an award, you can treat yourself with something you like. If your goal is something that can be measured like, becoming faster or stronger then measure how far you’ve come.


4) Keep Progress


Something that can help with a goal, especially if you are first starting out, is to measure and keep progress towards your goal. This really helps because you can look back and reflect how much you’ve grown into that goal.


5) Start now!

The hardest part about setting a goal is starting. You would probably read this and think I will start tomorrow. But tomorrow becomes next week which becomes next month which then becomes next year. Don’t do that! Start now, and you will probably achieve your goal. 


6) Remember, keep going

Life is messy, and sometimes it takes us places that we didn’t expect and that’s okay. Remember, change your plan, not your goal. If you feel like giving up, remember why you were so compelled to even take this goal and remember how much of an advantage you will have if you keep going 


So what do you think? What are your goals for this year? Leave a comment!

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Hi! My name is Isabela and I am in 8th grade. I enjoy reading, writing, dancing, and hanging out with friends. I have a little sister and a dog named Lucy. I do dance, singing, and acting. I am also part of the Temecula Youth Theatre and Temecula Dance Company. I originally moved here from Brazil and was born in New Zealand. I am happy to take part in the TMS newspaper for the school!

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