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Frozen And Chicago Light Up The Stage!

Frozen And Chicago Light Up The Stage!

In January, both the shows of Chicago and Frozen were performed. The Temecula Youth Theater helped students put these great shows together.

The finale of Frozen

Temecula Youth Theatre is directed by Mrs. Stuart and Temecula Youth Musical TheaterProgram has over 150 students! They had been practicing these 2 shows for over 16 weeks! After 2 weeks of auditions and many weeks of rehearsals, they perfected the shows. 



The iconic Disney movie played out on stage! With kids aged from 8-13, there was a wide variety of students. Anniston Ellewood played Anna, and Olivia Kalsie played Elsa, and there were over 90 other students in the show. They performed 5 shows from January 18th to the 21st. This musical featured roles like The Queen and King, Olaf, Sven, the Snowflakes, and so much more. With this musical, people could travel to Arendelle and follow Anna as she travels up the North Mountain with Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf to get her sister Elsa back. This musical was full of songs that were not in the movies such as, “ Dangerous to Dream ” and, “ Hygge”.



Chicago was full of murder and death! This 1920s-based musical is about a girl being a star in the newspaper, but because of who she killed. The jealousy and envy carries this show threw Chicago. In this production, there were over 80 teens, with 18 of them having microphones. The main characters in Chicago are Roxie, Velma Kelly, Billy, Mamma Morton, and many more. Some of the songs are, “Razzle Dazzle”, “All That Jazz”, and “Cell Block Tango”. 

Gracie and Cash during, “Cell Block Tango”

The next 2 shows are Willy Wonka and Rock Of Ages in June! So, are you going to see any of these shows? Leave a comment!

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