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5 Ways to Spread Joy This Holiday Season

It’s December! Finally, the holiday season we’ve been waiting for all year has come. No matter what you celebrate, this is the time of giving and service. So, with that, here are 5 awesome ways to spread joy!


  1. Make Treats to Share

Making treats can be easy, fun, and delicious if you are willing to put in the effort. A few sweet ideas are:

  • Cookies
  • Chocolate dipped pretzels
  • Brownies
  • Holiday Chex mix 
  • M&M Crisped Rice Treats

You can also find some delicious treats at grocery stores like Albertsons or Walmart, or nearby bakeries! Once you have the treats share them with neighbors, friends at school, or your church or sporting events.  


  1. Send a Letter

Letters aren’t the most common way of communicating nowadays, but putting in the time to write one can make someone’s day. Just thank them or tell them how much you appreciate them. You can send a note to distant family members, teachers, or awesome members of your community. There is even a program called Operation Gratitude to send letters to soldiers in the Army who are far from home. The link to their website is here. 


  1. Donate!

Donating to local food pantries, shelters, and hospitals is a thoughtful, not to mention affordable act of service. Any donation of non-perishable items like water bottles, canned food, or whole-grain pasta, will be greatly appreciated. Children’s hospitals will take new items like toys, art supplies, or activity books, but you should check their website for donation restrictions. Homeless and women’s shelters will also accept donations. You can find out what here or here. 


  1. Music

Everyone should know that according to Buddy the Elf, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” Go caroling in your neighborhood or join a christmas choir, wether it’s at a church, club, or other community location. Singing not your forte? Just playing music in your home lifts spirits and lightens the mood. Also, come support your school’s choir and band at their concerts when you know about them!


  1. Angel Trees

Gift-giving seems to be a staple in the holiday season and it feels so good when people are happy because of a gift you gave. Angel Tree helps you get that feeling. You can find Angel Trees at churches, grocery stores, Salvation Army offices, and local businesses. 

But what are they? Angel trees are Christmas trees with little paper “ornaments” that say things like “an 8-year-old girl needs a coat” or “a 5-year-old boy wants a coloring book.” You would take one of these papers, buy that gift, and put it under the angel tree. Then, whoever is in charge of the tree delivers those gifts to the people who asked for them. This is such a sweet way to help someone in need.


Which of these ideas will you try? Have a wonderful holiday season and leave a comment!


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