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Best Gingerbread Houses of All Time

The holiday season is always an amazing and joyful time. There is a  festive feel in the air. ! One activity we all love is making gingerbread houses. Here are some edible masterpieces that will surely catch your eye. 


China’s Cookie Castle

This ginormous gingerbread house is located in the Xi’an shopping center. It’s so big that even kids can fit in it to play. It supposedly took over 10 chefs and 10 days to make this masterpiece using a ton of icing, gingerbread cookies, and decorations. 


Up: The Gingerbread House

This gingerbread house is an award-winning delicacy made by Skyla Delermen the 2010 national gingerbread house contest, Skyla won first place with the gingerbread house inspired by the movie Up. She spent over 6 hours creating this piece by molding the characters with fondant and gum paste. Then she made edible clay, with egg whites and sugar. Lastly, the balloons were made with broken spaghetti noodles and jelly beans!


New York’s  Gingerbread Lane

This gingerbread city sets a record with it being over 500 square feet! This piece has over 1000 different sculptures and they all represent our modern-day buildings. It was made by Jon Lovitch, who used approximately 800 pounds of candy, 700 pounds of dough, and almost 4000 pounds of icing!


San Francisco’s Candy Manor

This gingerbread house is located in San Francisco, in the Fairmont Hotel lobby. It is a two-story gingerbread house that is edible and has functions! It is made with thousands of gingerbread bricks and tons of icing and candy. All these ingredients make a house up to 22 feet high and 23 feet wide. Although it’s a gingerbread house, that doesn’t stop it from being functional. It’s big enough to fit a ton of people and has a functional railroad track, falling snow, a gingerbread dog house (pet friendly), Christmas trees, and a sweet aroma.


These gingerbread houses are sure to be very overwhelming, but that shouldn’t stop you from using them as inspiration, try making a mini version of them and leave a comment!



Gingerbread Creations 1

Gingerbread Creations 2

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    Aiden SinclairDec 8, 2023 at 4:20 pm

    If you had to choose which gingerbread house are you guys living in? I’m going with San Francisco’s Candy Manor.