The Hunger Games: Shooting A New Movie


Michaela Salciccia, Writer

With four amazing books and movies for the Hunger Games series, the producers have made ANOTHER Hunger Games movie. This one takes us back to the beginning of the story with a prequel.  With so many different characters and actors, be ready to watch another great movie by Suzanne Collins.

After a long series of books and movies written, from the first to the last, a brand new movie is in the making, with clips in the new trailer that has just come out: The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes. There are so many unanswered questions about The Hunger Games, so Suzanne Collins wrote this prequel novel, to answer many questions and facts about it that you may have never heard of. The prequel (a  movie containing events that come before those of an existing work) takes the viewer back to the 10th Hunger Games Event and centers around  President Snow (who is the character that is making all of this happen) and getting into his mind and his childhood. Maybe the movie will show why he was so cruel in the films before, giving the backstory of his life.


The Hunger Games is a series of books and movies about 12 districts that are forced by President Snow to fight each other till there is one winner left on the battlefield, he mainly makes them fight as a punishment for a rebellion the districts had against the capital. Also, he has them compete as entertainment for anyone who lives in the capitol or is very rich.  Finally, they end up trying to rebel against the capitol and kill Snow. You can watch the rest on Amazon Prime and many other streaming services.




The backstory behind the name of the book and soon-to-be movie is that the songbird represents how the capitol wasn’t able to control all people and everything that happened in all 12 districts. The snake represents the fear of everything and all the horrible things that can happen anywhere. After all of the horrible things they went through, there are still so many more that can happen!





In the Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Jennifer Lawrence, who usually plays Katniss Everdeen, the main character, will not be in the new Hunger Games. This is because “at the time, it was considered too soon for her after the finale of the beloved dystopian franchise to even think about holding up that arrow again” according to I hope you enjoy the new movie, coming out soon!