What Can we Expect From the Mandalorian Season 3

Theories for your favorite Mandalorian!

What Can we Expect From the Mandalorian Season 3

Samantha Dos Santos

The Mandalorian is a great show to watch even if you don’t like Star Wars. Fans have been delighted with the past two seasons, and with the third season coming out on March 1st, everyone is getting excited. So what’s going on with this show? * Spoilers for season one- two and The Book of Boba Fett.*


The main plot will be about Din going to Mandalore, the origin of Mandalorian culture, to regain his honor. In the Book of Boba Fett, Mando has admitted to taking off his helmet to Grogu and was stripped of the title of Mandalorian. 

The trailer that has been posted has a flashback of the jedi temple. Some fans have speculated that this is a flashback to Order 66 with Anakin Skywalker. The trailer has a shot of four jedis in the Jedi Temple with their lightsabers ignited facing a door that has a slash mark on it. Fans have compared it to the hollow recording of Order 66 in Revenge of the Sith and found that the jedi in the recording are very similar to the ones in the trailer. So this could mean there is an extensive scene of Grogu’s escape from the Jedi temple and Order 66. 


While Mando has the dark saber and is technically the ruler of Mandalore, he hasn’t officially said that he is the ruler yet, but fans guess that he will own up to this title in the third season. Fans have also theorized that while Mando and Grogu are on Mandalore, they could look for the mask of Mandalore. The mask of Mandalore is like the Darksaber, it defines who is the ruler and leader of Mandalore. It was first owned by Mandalore the first, the founder of the Mandalorian people. In the trailer there’s a shot of an old helmet in what looks like the Mines of Mandalore.

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Are you excited for The Mandalorian season three? What’s your favorite theory for the Mandalorian? Leave a comment below!