Can YOU Get to Door 100? (Roblox Doors)

Can YOU Get to Door 100? (Roblox Doors)

Fernanda Capistran, Writer

Doors is one of the most played experiences on the Roblox platform, with over two billion visits! This game contains flashing lights, loud noises, and jumpscares, and is mainly rated for audiences around the age range of 7 and up, Doors is a first-person experience, trapped in a seemingly endless hotel where you would go through a series of entries to reach the ‘final door’, the catch? You aren’t alone.


The Guiding Light

So, who or what is trapped with you here? Currently, there are only 9 entities that are known to reoccur, and one will guide you through most obstacles. This entity is called The Guiding Light. Unlike the new entity in Rooms called Curious Light, Guiding Light is a blue light that leads you through the games. When you get a “GAME OVER” screen, The Guiding light will give you tips on almost always avoiding the thing that ended your run. They will shine a blue light through the correct doors or the light to keys in the dark. They also have sparkling noise that’ll tell you when something of value is nearby.



Get out of the way! This little speed demon is Rush. They’ll always appear on your run, and They’re quite easy to catch! Rush has a static-like look with a large grin, as they speed across each hallway in hopes of catching you! They’ll appear if you hear a weird audio cue, as well as flickering lights. Hide in a closet when he’s near. However, beware of Hide, the creature in the closets, don’t hide for too long or it’ll catch you. Hiding behind certain corners work as well, but it’s a bit of a risk. He destroys all light sources in his path, so keep a flashlight in hand.

The Figure

One of the main entities in this game will greet you halfway through the game, and, will try to stop you by the end of it. This entity has no eyes, so it won’t be able to spot you, however, this does enhance its hearing ability. You’ll first meet him in the library, as he walks through each section of endless shelves filled with books. Some books will have a number that’ll help you figure out the code to escape the level. When he backs you into a corner, hide in a closet, where you’ll have to regulate your heartbeat so he doesn’t hear you. Mess it up, and he can attack you from the inside. It’ll do the same during the end, however, you won’t be searching for books.



How annoying are red traffic lights when you’re trying to go somewhere? Well, this entity does exactly that. Halt is a blue and greenish light that puts you into two hallways and will require you to walk forwards and backward. Straight contact with this entity won’t end your game but will bring your health bar extremely low. You’ll know when it’s him when the lights flicker way more than normal, however, this isn’t always the case. Once the screen flashes you with it looking at you, start walking in the opposite direction. To get to the next level faster, you could use a vitamin bottle for extra energy.



Hide n Seek is a very fun and well-known game, the only difference with this entity is that you don’t get to hide. You do get to prepare yourself for it, once you start seeing eyes appearing all over the walls as the lights flicker, they’ll be appearing maybe even just around the corner. Seek is known to occur at least two times during a run, where they’ll chase you through a series of doors and steer you in many different directions. Watch out for the Guiding Light’s blue cue as it’ll guide you through the seemingly endless run. Make sure you look both ways before running.


Don’t blink or you’ll miss it, well you might have to for this entity. You will see Eyes at least once during your run, mainly in the Green House around the final doors. Eyes is also a disembodied figure, with eyeballs and a purple light. It takes away 10 health points for every tick that your character takes. A main way to avoid taking hits is by looking in a different direction other than where Eyes is located. It gives off a distorting type of audio cue and it’s very noticeable light, so you’ll know when it’s time to look down.


From fast and terrifying entities like Rush to somewhat easy-to-dodge entities like Eyes, every creature has the same role: To provide as a roadblock. There are many more creepy characters you will run into, some common, some rare.  You just have to play the game to find out for yourself.  This game requires patience and skill. Be smart with your resources, and use them to your advantage. Do you think you got what it takes to try and escape the Hotel? Let us know in the comments!