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Healthy Habits To Start As A Teenager!

Healthy Habits To Start As A Teenager!

How many nights have you told yourself you’re going to be productive and not sleep in but the second your alarm rings you just hit snooze. Maybe you’ve experienced the dreadful feeling of laziness where you wanna do something other than be on your phone but it feels so boring getting off your phone. Maybe you’ve experienced the one that affects you the most; Procrastination! Here are all the habits you can start to move toward a healthier lifestyle. 


     Having a physical schedule can help keep you organized. Now having a schedule doesn’t mean you can’t have a life but it can help you with getting everything done and staying organized.

 Schedules will teach you discipline and hopefully teach you how to stay in order. If you are unsure what a schedule is, here is a link that can show you how to make the perfect schedule! (Schedule Links


Getting sleep might seem like a joke or it’s your last priority but it’s so much more. Getting sleep can affect your height and the amount of energy you have. Sleeping is a way your body relaxes and heals itself.

 Without sleep you probably wouldn’t be able to read this or even walk. The estimated amount of

sleep you should be getting is around 8-9  hours. Some ways you can make sure you do this is by planning out what time you should wake up and get to sleep according to your schedule. Here is a link that can help you fix your sleep schedule. 


Getting exercise is very important whether it’s walking, running or working out. There’s many different ways to work out. If this is something you don’t know what to do or what exercises to do then maybe this video can help. Exercising is anything that gets your heart rate up. Exercising can help make your body stronger and it’s known to stimulate chemicals in your brain. This causes you to feel happier and can decrease the stress you might have.

I hope these habits help you become a healthier, stronger and happier person! Leave a comment if you have done any of these healthy habits. 


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