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Christmas Crafts to Get You in the Holiday Mood!

Everyone loves something crafty. Whether it’s crochet, drawing, or whatever else, here are some fun crafts to get you in the Christmas spirit! 


No Sew Snowman

Some of us aren’t the best with needles, but that’s okay! This fun little snowman is perfect to put near your bed, use as a doorstop or paperweight, or even gift to someone. To start, you’re going to need the supplies.


One white sock

One colored sock for the hat


Rubber bands

Colourful buttons


Glue gun

Markers or paint

Orange pom poms

Now that you have the supplies. Let’s get started! First, take the white sock and fill it with rice. Once you are satisfied with the size, tie off the top of the sock. Next, to make the head. Take another rubber band and tie it around the sock. To decorate, glue the buttons to the bottom part using the glue gun and draw on a face with a black marker. For the nose, glue two orange pom poms onto the face. After you’ve finished that, use a small ribbon to create the scarf. Now for the hat. Take the colored scarf and cut off the part in front of the heel. Roll up the bottom part of this part and put it on top of the snowman’s head.

Santa’s Gnome

This next craft is the perfect finishing touch to add to your Christmas tree, hang on your door, or put on the fireplace mantle. To make it, you are going to need these supplies:


Jumbo Craft Sticks

White Yarn

Wooden Ball or Bead

White Tinsel Pom Poms

Red Craft Paint

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks (or your favorite craft glue)

Twine, String, or Ribbon



Start making a triangle using three craft sticks and secure it with glue. Next, mark more craft sticks with a pencil and cut and glue them to fill the triangle. After that, paint the whole thing with red craft paint and apply a second coat if necessary. Once the hat is dried, attach the pom poms along the bottom edge of it. Now, cut about 30 strings of white yarn and glue half onto the back of the hat. Once the glue is dry, use the other half of the strings and make a second layer. The bear might be uneven, so trim it with scissors. To create the nose, glue a wooden ball at the top of the beard under the hat so it’s centered. Next, glue another pom pom to the top of the hat. If you want to hang it somewhere, take some string or ribbon and glue one end to each side of the hat.

Grinch Slime

No one likes a Grinch during Christmas, but despite its name, this slime could be a fun toy to play with during the holidays or even a gift to someone. To start, you’ll need:

½ cup Elmers Clear Glue

½ cup liquid starch

½ cup water

A measuring cup


A spoon

Green food coloring

Green glitter

A red heart charm

In a bowl, thoroughly mix the glue and water. Next, add the food coloring and glitter. Then, add the liquid starch. While you’re mixing, you’ll see the slime start to form. Once this happens, you can mix it with your hands. Once the slime is mixed, you can add the red heart for decoration, and now you’re all finished!

If you enjoy making crafts, click here for more! If you liked this article, leave a comment!


No Sew Snowman

Santa’s Gnome

Grinch Slime

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