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The Most Bizarre Fashion Trends Throughout History

 Trends go in and out and things from just a few years ago are now seen as outdated or even ugly. In the near future, we will all look back and cringe at the fashion choices we made.  Here are some of the past fashion trends that use to be stylish, but are now considered ugly.


Powdered Wigs

Beginning with King Louis XIII using these wigs to hide his premature balding, powdered wigs are seen as a way to distinguish people in the 18th century. People who wore powdered wigs were the “elites” in society. The first wigs were made of horse and goat hair and smelled terrible because they were never properly washed. In order to cover up the smell, the wearer would powder their wig. 



Corsets were a way of shaping the human torso. While accomplishing the desired silhouette, it had multiple cautionary details that ruined the wearer’s body, like reducing lung capacity, compressing the ribs and even organ deformity. Corsets are still popular in modern fashion, but are a way more toned-down version from the originals.



Chopines, all though very bizarre, had a practicality to it. Originating in Venice, these platforms were used to keep the wearer’s feet or dress from getting wet. They were also used to stimulate the wearer’s higher social status. These shoes were hilariously platformed, some up to 20 inches. 


Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads had their turn in the 1980s. Just like everything in the 80s, it was bold. It was seen as a feminist approach to the age-old debate of women in the workplace, but along with that, designers saw the opportunity of using pads to reform parts of a woman’s body. Just like all trends, it still comes back. You can see shoulder pads in fashion runways from time to time.



When Crocs came to the world of fashion in 2002, it took the world by storm, but not in a good way. But now, Crocs are a trend and are seen as a comfortable approach to footwear. They are even Amazon’s number one best-selling pair of shoes! Do you have a pair of crocs? 


Fashion is forever changing. Is there a current trend that you think will be seen as ugly in a few years? Leave a comment!


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