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The Power of Music

Music is extremely powerful whether it’s mood, sleep quality, or memory. Music can even help influence your life decisions. Different genres can make you go from one extreme emotion to another.

Psychology of different genres

Listening to music increases blood flow to parts of the brain (limbic system) that control emotions. Different genres can make you feel very different things. Classical can bring up deeper emotions while Jazz and Blues can make you sad. Rock can create passion and intensity. Pop makes you feel energized and upbeat music releases endorphins which make us happy.



Statistics show that people who listen to classical music or pop tend to be happier while people who listen to genres like metal seem to have stronger negative emotions. Certain genres can put you into a bad headspace and heighten things like anxiety and depression. If you are struggling with these things genres like pop might be the best genre for you.


The Power of Music

Music has been a huge part of history in many aspects. Music has shaped many religions and legends. Music also helped with the spread of separate cultures which helped unify our world and shape it.


What’s your favorite genre? Leave a comment!

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    Lucas DeisMar 18, 2024 at 10:16 am

    My favorite genre is rap