Is Cheesecake Pie?


Isabelle Marx, Writer

The debate of whether or not cheesecake is a pie has been going on for a while, but now it doesn’t have to be a debate anymore.

According to Fine Cooking, the diameter of the standard pie is only 8-10” and the diameter of the mini pie is 3-4” diameter, while cakes can be any size.

Pies also have two types of crusts, and cheesecake uses one of them. The two crusts that are in pie and cheesecake is the crumb crust.

Cheesecake is not breadlike food and it’s a dense creation with filling inside of a crust. With these traits, the cheesecake appears to be closer to a pie than a cake. 

what do you think a cheesecake is? Even though cheesecake has the word cake, it’s harder to think that it is not a cake, so that makes it a pie.


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