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December 4, 2023

Keeper of the Lost Cities Book Review


Do you like mystery and fantasy books? Well, if you do, I have a good book for you. Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger, this book series blends fantasy worlds from stories and real life almost perfectly. 


 Book Overview

12-year-old Sophie Foster is a genius. There’s no doubt about it. At just 12 years old, she is a senior in High School and set to go to community college next year. Suddenly, one day, on a field trip to the San Diego Natural History Museum, Sophie meets someone strange. He calls himself Fitz and says he has been searching for her for 12 years. At first, she thought he was a creepy stalker, and then she thought he was crazy after he told her something that could change her life forever. But then, things started to click into place, like why she was different from the rest of her family. Fitz shows her a new world with goblins, gnomes, and scarier things like rebel groups looking to topple her new world. Join her in the adventure to keep her newfound world safe as she discovers new powers and dark secrets hidden beneath their perfect world. 


About the Series

Keeper of the Lost Cities is a 9.5-book series with another book set to release in 2024. Now, the 9.5 might be confusing, so allow me to explain. After Shannon Messenger released book 8 (Legacy), she released Unlocked or book 8.5, which served as a sort of guide to the series and the Elvin world. But Unlocked also had a novella at the end, so it wasn’t a full book, only half a book. Book 10’s title is unknown, but the book’s release date has moved farther away because Shannon Messenger had another child.


About the Author

Shannon Messenger is 32 years old and has one son and a daughter. She went to college at the USC School Of Cinematic Arts, but before that, she graduated high school at our very own Temecula Valley High School! But Keeper of the Lost Cities is not her only series. She has also written a YA trilogy called the Sky Fall series.


If this series interests you, you can find it in the school library. Check it out today!

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Hi, my name is Arnaaz and I'm twelve years old and I'm in 7th grade. I have a dog named Melon, and he's almost 2 years old. I love reading and going to the beach, and I lived in San Diego until I was 11. I am an only child but I have a lot of cousins. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I do figure skating in La Jolla. I hope you like my writing!

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    Isabella M. AcanforaOct 2, 2023 at 4:24 pm

    LOVE this series!