The Truth Behind Abuse: Child Abuse Awareness Month

Henry Serge, Writer

The Truth Behind Abuse: Child Abuse Awareness Month

Abuse is a scary but serious topic that needs to be discussed. It’s really hard to know if someone is being abused just by their appearance, so let’s discuss some signs that might help. 


Physical Abuse

Well for starters, a way to suspect physical abuse is constant cuts and bruises. If this is frequent and the suspected abused person’s story doesn’t match up, they could potentially be abused. You should pay attention and if you suspect a friend might be getting hurt, please tell a trusted adult.  They can help you or your friend get help.  There are also other signs such as the suspected abused person always being on high alert, afraid to go home, etc. These kids also usually hide in the shadows and wear long clothes to cover themselves.


Talk with your friend.  Ask questions and if you aren’t sure if they are in trouble talk to a parent or trusted adult.  They can help you.  


Mental/physiological Abuse 

Mental abuse can have the same cause as physical abuse, but can be harder to notice and even have a larger effect on the abused child. Mental or physiological abuse is a way of making someone feel horrible about themselves and can be a form of manipulation. 


This can be very hard for the victim’s mental health and you should notify someone immediately. Also, to figure out if you are being mentally abused you can see if the abuser is telling you to do everything, (controlling behavior)  such as what to wear, where to go, who you can be friends with, etc. It can include long periods of being ignored or verbally told you are worthless or a horrible person. If you think you or a friend might be experiencing this type of treatment let someone know as well.


From scars and bruises to low self-esteem, this is a very serious topic that needs to be talked about more. Unfortunately, It’s more common than you think. This could lead to depression, low self-esteem, and lots of difficulties later in life. Please be aware!



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