Skiing or Snowboarding?

Skiing or Snowboarding?

Henry Serge, Writer

 Skiing or Snowboarding?

What is The True Snowsport?


When you head up to the Mountains, What do you think about, skiing or snowboarding? It’s a very debatable topic, they are both different in their own ways. So let’s get into the details. 




To start, Snowboarding is quite difficult to learn because of your legs being attached which gives less movement. This makes you feel less safe, which makes you lose confidence and want to quit. However, this hard-to-learn sport makes it more of a thrill when you learn how to maneuver and get the controls right. Not to mention when you get some speed it’s the best thrill in the world.    


 Both sports were played in the Olympics but however, but snowboarding has only been in the Olympics since 1998. Plus the prices of snowboarding are very high. The cheapest snowboards are around $300 and these prices can rise to $1000! Snowboarding is completed all over the world with 7.5 Million participants! There are many 

details to go over, but let’s see if Skiing can beat this outdoor activity.



Skiing is practically the opposite of snowboarding. With skiing, you use two poles and two skis instead of just a large board. In many people’s opinion, this gives you more agility and the ability to move around. The poles might add some problems for beginners though. Since you are holding poles, if you come crashing down into something, you have no hands till you drop your precious $20-$200 poles! Also, skiing can be much easier to learn compared to snowboarding! 


            Because of its popularity, it has been in the Olympics much longer than snowboarding! Its been in the Olympics since 1936, which was first seen in the winter Olympics of that year. Snowboarding is expensive because just a pair of skis is  $400-$1000. Skiers number snowboarders, by  400 million each year! That’s 3 times more people compared to snowboarding!


     Many people don’t realize how similar and different these sports are, but all in all, you can see that these sports are all loved in different ways. So it’s not possible to decide what sport is better. It’s all up to what you think! Tell us what you think in the comments, then let’s hit the slopes!