3 Unique Animals That Will Make Your Eyes Pop!

3 Unique Animals That Will Make Your Eyes Pop!

There are 2.13 million species of animals in the world, and this was recorded in 2021. When people are asked to think of an animal and what first popped into their head, they said normal-looking species: dogs, cats, parrots, ants, snakes, etc. Those are all common. But what if we are bored of those types of animals? What if we want something completely different or crazy looking? Not every species has to be average to the human eye. So to satisfy your curiosity, here are 3 unique-looking species, crazy pictures included (not in order)!

  • Aye-aye

Bulging eyes, long ears, small tufts of hair on random parts of its body? This makes the animal look like it emerged from Stranger Things! Although this creature has sharp claws and probably longer nails than you, it’s completely harmless. It’s endangered because its habitats are destroyed for sugar and coconut farms. Though it isn’t known for harming anything except for the occasional insect for food once in a while, some people believe that the aye-aye is an omen of bad luck and a bringer of evil, and will kill it on sight since it’s ugly.


  • Dumbo Octopus

This octopus’s fins resemble the ears of the flying elephant featured in Walt Disney’s movie, “Dumbo”! They live in the extreme depths of the ocean and these cute yet strange creatures are some of the rarest in the Octopus family. They have a semi-translucent body with an internal “U” or “V” shell, which gives them their shape. Some Dumbo Octopus are short and pale yellow, while others resemble a small brown sea jelly.

3) Venezuelan Poodle Moth 

This adorable, fluffy, alien-like moth looks like a stuffed animal or a mutated poodle! These moths are safe and sweet towards humans. Although they are not endangered, they are threatened by climate change. This animal though is very rare to find, and can’t be found in California.


Although it’s nice to see these unique animals, we still appreciate our more average ones too! What’s your favorite unique animal? Which animal here is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!