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From 5th to 6th; The Journey Of A Lifetime

From 5th to 6th; The Journey Of A Lifetime

Exciting, weird, stressful, and fun are all words to describe middle school. Just like a roller coaster, there are always some twists, turns, and bumps on your path to the last day. But, with all the new sixth graders, it’s going to be an interesting year full of new memories and teachers too!



For many students, it was their first day of middle school a month ago.  And as most people know, middle school is very different from elementary school. Some things are better in middle school and some kids miss stuff from their elementary school. 


Joshua Krosky, Ava Siddall, Grace Gibson

What do you like more about middle school than elementary?

 Food (Charlotte Jacobs, 6th grade)

 Having different teachers (Emily Clark, 6th grade)

 Band (Aiden Anderson, 6th grade)

 Passing period  / more break (Alex Soltysinski, 6th grade)

 More independence (Joshua Krosky, 6th grade)

 Get more breaks (Ava Siddall, 6th grade)

Walk in between periods (Grace Gibson, 6th grade)

What do you miss from your elementary school?

Friends (Charlotte Jacobs, 6th grade )

Nothing (Emily Clark, 6th grade)

No classes with friends (Aiden Anderson, 6th grade)

No playground   (Alex Soltysinski, 6th grade)

Recess (Alex Soltysinski, 6th grade)

Easier to keep track of teachers (Ava Siddall, 6th grade)

Work was easy (Grace Gibson, 6th grade)

Do you like having multiple teachers?

Yes (Charlotte Jacobs, 6th grade, Emily Clark, 6th grade, Aiden Anderson, 6th grade, Alex Soltysinski, 6th grade, Alex Soltysinski, 6th grade, Ava Siddall, 6th grade)

No (Grace Gibson, 6th grade)

(Charlotte Jacobs, Emily Clark, Aiden Anderson, Alex Soltysinski)

From new schedules to new faces, middle school is tough to get used to, but according to many sixth graders they already like it. With new teachers, better food, and fun things to do there is so much to look forward to. We’re just getting started with a new school year!!! 6th graders, how do you like middle school so far? Leave a comment!


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