The End of the World (*maybe)

Nikolas Bogle, Writer

Around 2025, a massive solar storm is predicted to hit the Earth. This storm potentially has the power to cause massive widespread damage to our global infrastructure and global power systems putting us in the dark. So it is very important to be prepared for a solar storm and know what its effects really are.


Sun spitting out material


So what is a solar storm? Solar storms are geomagnetic storms that cause a disturbance in our planet’s magnetic field caused by massive bursts of energy coming from our Sun. This burst is caused by a big release of plasma and matter from the Sun’s surface called a Coronal Mass Injection (CME). When a CME reaches Earth, it makes contact with Earth’s magnetic field causing a geomagnetic storm.


Sun’s storm going toward’s Earth’s magnetic field

Here are the effects of a solar storm:


Communication disruption: Solar storms can disrupt communication systems like radios and cell phone networks. This can make communication difficult for people.


Satellite disruption: Solar storms can disrupt satellite communications and all systems that rely on satellite communications like GPS and weather forecasting.


Power grid disruption: Solar storms can cause disruptions in mass power outages by damaging power plants and other equipment that can lead to mass blackouts across the globe that can last for hours, days, or even years.


While you can’t avoid a solar storm, there are ways to protect and prepare yourself for one: 


Keeping your devices charged: It’s important to have your devices fully charged, as you most likely won’t be able to charge your devices for a while.


Unplugging unused devices: Solar storms can wipe out all electronic devices that are plugged into an outlet, possibly resulting in the destruction of important pieces of tech.


Having auxiliary power: Having backup power can very likely save you in an emergency, especially in a situation like this where power won’t be accessible for a period of time.


 Preparing an emergency kit: Always a good idea, no matter what kind of situation you’re in. 


Staying informed about storm progress and emergency updates: It is important to be updated on the status of events like this, or if it’s possible you may need to evacuate you take extra precautions.


So in conclusion, this solar storm has the potential to cause widespread damage to our global communication systems and infrastructure. While we cannot avoid the effects of a solar storm, there are a variety of steps we can take to protect ourselves. By being informed and protected, we can minimize the effects of this natural event.