Experience the Thrills of TVHS Field Trip with 8th Graders


Isabelle Marx, Vice President & Writer

On February 23, 2023, TMS 8th graders ventured out into the unknown to TVHS. In addition to TMS, 8th grades from Margarita Middle School and Day Middle School came to pay a visit as well.


While it was wet and cold, they brought students into the theater and started with a Q&A to answer some common questions that are mostly asked. Some added shocking news is that after your 9th-grade year, you get to choose what PE class you’d like. You can even choose wrestling, yoga, dance, or marching band. 


And just like TMS has the word PRIDE which stands for something that we want all students to achieve, the high school uses the word BEARS, which stands for Brave, Engaged, Aware, Resilient, and Service minded.


In the theater:


The choir presented in the theater one song; one that is a classic. They sang “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971). The choir was made up of mostly females with only 1 male.


JROTC is an army/navy group that has many adventures performing. While at TV, they help start some sports including football games. For the lucky 8th graders, 6 members did an outstanding performance and included some props.

Ohana Mooli and Haka

The Ohana Moolie and Haka were two separate groups of Hawaiian dancers. The first group out of the two was Ohana Mooli, a group of females who started these two groups out strong with many people cheering them on. The second group was Haka, a performance done by the males who also got many cheers for their show.

Dance Alliance

The dance alliance came on and they were such a fantastic group. The weekend of the 23rd of February, they were going to go to a competition for the whole state of California also to prove how much talent they have.

Improv & Drama

The Improv & Drama group chose 3 students, 2 of which came from our school. The requirements though were that their names had to be only one syllable. Each student would sit in the chair that was there and the Improve would make a rap on the spot using words that rhyme with the person’s name.


The Orchestra was a string band that came out with instruments like Cellos and Violins. They played a classic piece that later had the students and teachers applauding.

In the Gym:

The Clubs

After going to the MPR, they brought us to the gym to show us all the clubs/sports/electives. They all had about 2 or 3 students who attended the club to help represent the club and hand out flyers to the 8th graders. Some clubs/sports/electives include beach clean up, AP Art History, Pride LGBTQ+, Dance, Comics, and football.


Being at the high school gave the 8th graders only a small inside peak of what high school is really like and it’s really exciting. What are your viewpoints on it? Tell us in the comments!