The Happiest Place on Earth – TMS Leadership Fieldtrip

Reece Malan, President

On February 28, 2023, most of the leadership clubs at TMS went to the one and only, Disneyland. While the clubs were there, they were able to venture into the park and have fun, but we also had a fun leadership workshop.

At first, our leader led us around the park showing us backstage of Main Street. While we were back there, we saw the behind-the-scenes of the ride, Jungle Cruise, and even got to get an outside look at where Walt Disney used to live when Disneyland was being built.


Next, each club got split up into groups to design its own theme park. This part of the workshop focused on teamwork, creativity, and leadership skills. Our theme parks would consist of different lands, attractions, entertainment, and all of the other factors that contribute to a theme park. First, we sketched our ideas on a board but then made a 3d model. We were led into a fun Star Wars-themed room to construct this. Sadly, we were not allowed to take pictures. We used different blocks to put our vision to scale and label the different areas. At last, we presented them to our classmates and could see everybody else’s ideas.

It was a really cool experience and now I know things about Disneyland that I didn’t know before. What is your favorite ride at Disney? Would you want to go on this field trip? Let us know in the comments!